Avoid the Desert Plains [ COMIC ]

I was originally sketching the artwork for this comic, but I kept visualizing it in sprite format. So rather than reinvent the wheel to look like something different than what I was seeing I opted for the sprite version.

Fun little note about mixing Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior Dragon Quest sprites is that Dragon Quest sprites don’t have the same black outlines that accompany their fellow Square-Enix’s counterparts. So I decided to add the outlines to Erdrick Loto so that he was consistent with the rest of the sprites.

Last week was a very good week for Dueling Analogs. Thursday’s comic, Super Mario Bros.: How it Really Happened was the highest day on Dueling Analogs EVER. It always makes me feel good when I create a comic that I like, but don’t know how the masses will receive it. And then it’s received very well.  Two previous examples of this are the 4chan/Twitter comic (previous highest day ever) and Mega Man 10 Easy Mode animation.

Speaking of animations, I working on another one for Dueling Analogs and hoping to run it on the site pretty soon. So until Thursday…


  • gelugon2105

    Say, do you have some program that can import the sprites from the 8-bit or 16-bit games that you mentioned?

  • Just being nitpicky here – actually, both of those games are by Square-Enix. Final Fantasy was by SquareSoft and Dragon Quest was by Enix. Just thought you should know.

  • @OptimisticCynic I knew. Didn’t realize that that sentence could be interpreted that way. So I added “fellow” to the sentence to further clarify. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Sean

    Just so you know, though you probably already do, the views mostly come from Reddit and Digg, so if you impress one person, a few thousand people will get linked here, which is really useful! :D

  • Congratz for the views again, man.

    Oh, and also, I was very VERY much reminded of Phantasy Star when I saw that strip, but ye olde RPGs all look kinda alike, soooo……. I can pretend it’s a Phantasy Star reference, I laughed :P

  • Ulrich/Pablo

    Dude, I have just realised that I LOVE you. You post regularily, your comics make me rolfmao 92% of the time (some times I don’t get the jokes XD) and you have AMAZING artwork, all of this with a wife and two (?) kids, so, waddaya say, would you like to marry me or shit?

  • BothersomeMe

    Dude. I still don’t know how you do it. You never stop amazing me! hesprite comic honestly made me laugh and the Mario one previously, YES! SO AWESOME! You should try and do Zelda or something…POKEMON!