Stiff Competition [ COMIC ]

No gran-grans were hurt in the making of this webcomic.

Okay, today’s comic is actually based on real life. Earlier this week, a friend and I went into one of the countless local GameStops. While inside the clerk on duty decided to inform us… You know what? Inform is too timid of a term to describe his actions. Better to say he “vehemently excreted information from every orifice in his body.” Yeah, that’s it. While inside the clerk on duty decided to vehemently excreted information from every orifice in his body about their Nintendo 3DS launch party this upcoming weekend. He was extremely excited about the event and it was quite a humorous site to watch. I think the comedy factor of the situation was only magnified by our deadpan responses to his glee. Plus, we both swear the guy got an erection while telling us about it, but that’s purely speculation.

Now my opinion about the 3DS. I did get a chance to try one last weekend. I think it’s neat, but… Well, I look at it a lot like masturbating: It’s fun, but if you keep doing it for too long you’re going to strain something.

Still with the market leaning more towards shorter bursts of gaming on the mobile devices, maybe this won’t be a shortcoming at all.


  • SecondTomorrow

    I honestly have no real expressive words for this.

    The people that are like this, minus the dolphin boner, are fucking annoying though.

  • David Herbert

    That guy seems to be enjoying his whacking.

  • Awesome66

    honestly, the 3DS will be somthing ill try if a friend gets it or somthing. to me its not worth paying money. ive heard its hard to find that “sweet spot” for the whole 3D thing. no… next time ill get excited to spend money on a game will be for skyward sword. even then… maybe. but not as much as that dude with the boner. (his crotch’s toung?)

  • BigLord

    First person I’ve ever seen that compared the 3DS to masturbation and JUSTIFIED it :D

  • Bubbaclaw

    Pardon my French, but that is the most FUCKED-UP thing I’ve ever seen on this site!

    • mrboots

      I totally agree with your statement.

    • Nuckel

      True. I hoped for it to be a guest strip but no, it’s an original Napierski. :S


    *Insert one heavy maniacal laugh token>

    Ok, I knew there will be something ’bout 3DS… but man. Didn’t seen that one coming xD

    @David Herbert: More like he strongly focuses on typing right buttons xD

    @Bubbaclaw: Depends. Some may say other things were most fucked-up things they’ve seen here. But I have to admit this one became one of my favs here. Be it Far-far-west or middle-east. Shop clerics still are topping annoying-things-lists ;p

  • Cynic

    «Better to say he “vehemently excreted information from every orifice in his body.” »
    You’re getting better at this whole “humorous but also informative comic-accompanying blog post” thing.

    Good comic, too.

  • Triaxx

    Awesomest one yet. I love that kind of salesman. At least they seem interested in the product unlike some.

  • Digitalmoose

    I agree with Triaxx. I don’t want the 3DS at all, but the clerks at one of the stores in my area drone boringly about the upcoming releases, and are never really interested. It’s nice to have clerks genuinely interested/excited about the products they sell.

  • Kojiro

    The 3D aspect isn’t really important. If you need something to convince you to get a 3DS, look at the hardware specs, or things like this:!5782646/the-3ds-killer-apps-may-be-the-free-ones

  • Tery153

    I wonder if he uses that to get the money out for change too…

    On second though, nvm….

    However, it would be funny and wildly APPROPRIATE if it got caught when he pushed the change drawer back… even more so if nintendo delayed the launch…

    3D cockblock anyone?

  • Jim Henson

    If I saw this at my local gamestop I would feel required to go to the launch party because the clerk’s incredibly dexterous erection would just make me laugh so much I’d feel like i owed them something.

  • Randomgamerdude

    Inside Steve’s mind:
    Avoid the penic joke…avoid the penis joke…avoid the penis joke…oh what the hell, PENIS JOKE!

  • H3xx

    Incoming RVB quote in 3, 2, 1,

    Caboose: “You told me that was another arm!”
    Andy: “Hey Caboose! High Five!”
    Caboose: “I don’t want to do that anymore…” :(

  • Ahltar

    I laughed a lot.
    At work.

    Thanks !

  • Ryman

    On a sad note, most people would wish theirs was that large.

  • Mallavaughn

    Side note: It’s good to finally see Harvey back on something that isn’t a guest/what if strip!

  • The Freeman

    Is customer supposed to look like Ethan from CAD?