Nintendo 3DS Safety Manual [ COMIC ]

On the home page, I kept seeing images from the Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS instruction manual [1]. Why? Because they were the banner image for last week’s new releases [2]. Regardless, this repeated exposure to said images inspired me to create some of my own Nintendo 3DS warnings and here they are.

While on the topic, you might also find G4’s translation of some of the actual warnings from the Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS instruction manual quite humorous [3]. I know I did.


  • Dan-T

    do not marry your 3DS? i think japanese freakfans of Love Plus will disagree with you.

    • Daraku

      they do not marry the 3DS … they marry the character IN the 3DS

  • Inho

    Do not use as a penis cover. and the Do not let your black friend borrow your Nintendo 3DS to use as a penis cover! XD I loved all of them.

  • Jim

    Is it wrong that I laughed hardest at the penis cover jokes?

  • Shaows

    Kotaku had a ship contest a few weeks ago using the 3DS warning screens, and the winners were pretty good.


    Note: You’re 3ds will never threaten to stab you. and in fact Cannot speak

    • Does that mean I will have to drop it into fire at the end of the level?

    • Syd Valak

      In the event that it does speak to you, Nintendo recommends that you ignore it.

  • Iwata

    The ones from Game Usagi were better than the G4 ones:

  • lulz

    overhyped crap thats what it is. (just like facebook/twitter/apple/xbox360/ps3)

    • New Name et Cetera

      But… that’s basically tossing a net over every piece of tech ever made. And if you’re so critical of those consoles, then it begs the question; What are you doing here, on a video game webcomic?

  • Everglayde

    Whew- i was afraid it was going to say i couldn’t name him George!

  • I’m surprised no one else has pointed it out… Your link to the 3DS manual appears to be broken. There’s part of an HTML tag in the link that shouldn’t be there.

  • UndeadLex

    There does need to be more Link in the 3DS… >:

  • Rascal

    Now, change 3DS to DSLite and change it to “things to use your DSlite for now that there is a 3DS” and you have a whole new comic. Bam!

  • Randomgamerdude

    I hate to see the manual of the next Xbox console…

  • NT121784
  • I want a 3DS, even if it’s a used dirty one.