All Too Easy [ COMIC ]

I’m going to climb this already over-saturated genre of gaming webcomic one way or another.

So I got an email from Matt on Saturday from PAX East. Unfortunately, I missed the called. Never found out whether he accidentally butt-dialed me or if he was checking to see if I was at PAX. Or maybe he was just gloating that he was at PAX and I wasn’t. You see the people I follow on Twitter have been tweeting the hell out of going to and being at PAX East for weeks now. It’s everywhere! So I decided to create this comic to make me feel better about the situation. Maybe next year.

I mentioned on Friday that I was going to have a big announcement today. Unfortunately, the final details of what I needed to know haven’t arrived yet. So it will have to wait until Thursday. I’ll just tell you it’s something good and something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

Until Thursday…


  • Pretty sure Tim wasn’t there with us.


  • @Shawn Handyside Two problems with your comment. One, when did Ctrl+Alt+Del become a gaming webcomic? And two, I know for a fact that Tycho, Gabe and Tim are the best of friends. Your argument is riddled with inaccuracies, Shawn.

  • Thats pretty smart lol. Here I was feeling bad about not making it to PAX, now this made me feel better and worse at the same time. What if clichee jocks find out we all gathered at one spot…the biggest wedgie massacre ever known.

  • David Herbert

    This is why I hate being an Aussie comicker. It costs heaps to get to cons to sell your stuff.

  • I See What You Did There

    You blew up the wrong conference center.

  • Andrew

    @Steve Napierski i respectfuly disagree with your oponion that ctrl alt del not being a gaming web comic. altho it no longer focases souly on one shot game jokes it still has alot of gameing comics. and even the story comics follow a gamer so ya I still think it is a gameing comic, but thats my oponion

  • Twilightfairy

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about CAD, weather it be right,wrong, or hilarious. Just quit arguing about it like a buncha ninnies. (2cents)

    But hey! i totally agree I’d blow up the convention where all my competition is no problem! Long live the analog!

  • Sarcasm doesn’t really translate well on the internet. I wasn’t saying Ctrl + Alt + Del wasn’t a gaming webcomic. Just being sarcastic towards Shawn. You guys did notice I say “Tycho, Gabe and Tim are the best of friends.” Which is clearly not true.

  • tudza

    In some places this sort of thing will get you a personal visit from the police.

  • Maxwell

    Screw ’em dude!
    I think your comic rocks, and it’s much funnier and better drawn then the rest of the crap online.
    Who needs to hang out at a smelly convention center anyway?
    You’re still the best (and don’t forget, my opinion is the most important one)

  • Chibi-Acer

    LOL, good comic. ^_^
    I heard PAX was fun, but cramped. Place wasn’t big enough. No one wants to get trampled, so screw em.

  • Seriously, your comic deserves more attention.

    But aye, just think of the gas you’re saving not going up there. I would absolutely go if I had disposable income.

  • Meatwad

    Let me guess… the big announcement is… NEW OUTER CIRCLE COMICS!!! Right? You don’t remember what that is? Neither do I.