Birth of a Sackboy [ COMIC ]

Sackboys and sackgirls are creepy. There, I said it. Now some of you might be saying that they are cute. You are entitled to your own opinion. Your opinion is wrong, but you are entitled to it. You see, saying that sackboy is cute character is like saying that a chihuahua is a cute dog. And no one would say that because they’re not cute… and they’re not dogs either, they’re rats. Annoying little yappy rats.

Nonetheless, kudos to Media Molecule and Sony on the originality of and overall enjoyment with Little Big Planet. Even with their creepy little sackboy mascots.

Comics for this week are done. Getting started on the sketches for Monday’s comic tonight. It was fan suggested and I think the premise was a good one. So you’ll just have to wait until Monday to see how it turns out.

Until then…


  • omg creepy. lol

  • omg still creepy! (just wanted to show my new gravatar lol)

  • N45800

    One small problem,
    sow: plant by scattering it on or in the earth
    sew: join, fasten, or repair by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine

  • Sophelios

    Sow – n. Adult Female Swine

  • Ronnie

    Ooh, creepy. In a Coraline-y way.


    What Ronnie said. I cant think of much more to add to it than that.

  • @N45800 & @Sophelios See I knew that. That’s the funny part. Now, do I take the arrogant webcomic creator stance and say, “I knew that. I just wanted to see if you knew that.” The tired webcomic creator, “Dude, it was like two in the morning when that comic went up. I was sow friggin’ tired. Get it?” Or just say it was an honest mistake. How about you make it one of those chose your own adventure books and you can pick which one my response is ;)

  • Dwarg91

    Id say the third.
    And man that is creepy.

  • Andy

    Tim Burton cast one as a creepy badguy. TIM BURTON. If that doesn’t classify them as creepy I don’t know what does.

  • I’ll never look at sackboys the same way again.

  • @BigLord Then, the day is mine!

  • Rellik San

    ….I knew it, ever since I saw the art for the game, something about sackboy just unsettled me.

  • Kato Sen

    Huh…in the last panel, the mii looks to having a hold of both the zippers on the sackboys o.o

    oh god, that sounded wrong…

  • You know what they remind me of? The Pillowman. He’s a character in this play (by the same title), and he’s a huge guy made completely out of pillows. He finds people about to kill themselves, and then he goes back in time, finds them as children, tells them how much their lives will suck, and persuades them to kill themselves and make it look like an accident.

    Creepy as hell.

  • DS

    Is the first guy Jesus?

  • bellboy

    Nope. It’s clearly Rawmeat Cowboy from GoNintendo.

    And yes Steve you’re right. They’re like something from the Amityville Horror. (Original)

  • Well yeah, Sackboys/girls are as freaky as hell… if not more. They are sacks… shaped like people… odd enough, but as well as the never changing smile o.o *shudders*

  • Tomppa

    I can not express with words how much I agree with you – Not about the sackboys, but about Chihuahuas. Thanks for lightening up my day ^_^

  • Ayumu

    0.0 oh mi google uber creepy! For some odd reson this reminded me of the plucker ( its a book ). No clue why it just did.

  • Lord Shplane

    Yeah, they are kind of creepy.

    I assert that Mii’s are creepier.

    And I used to have a chihuaha that was adorable. I miss the guy. ):

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.