Once you go black… [ COMIC ]

The more I hear about the Xbox 360 Elite the more I ponder the day that my 360’s hard drive reaches its capacity. With the amount of XBox Live games I download and the ever increasing maximum game size, its only a matter of time. Fortunately my 360 is doing just fine, so its something I don’t have to worry about… for now.

I was browsing Kotaku this weekend when I came across an article that discusses a flash fighting game available on AdultSwim.com called Bible Fight. Its actually good… I mean really good for an online flash game. Personally, I think it would be awesome if they ported this game Xbox Live (much in the same way as the Alien Hominid). I’d definitely buy it. Mmmmm… sacrilious.

Lastly, I’m very impressed with the overall positive response that I’ve received for the GeStapo shirts and the large number of pre-orders (yes, I get the irony of that) so far. Still, I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures of people wearing the shirts with willing GameStop employees (willing is the key). Can’t wait…