It’s not the size, It’s how you use it. [ COMIC ]

There’s nothing like some good old fashioned Sony chaffing to let you know I’ve returned. Funny situation, though, in the past few months I haven’t played my Wii once, haven’t played my Xbox in a month or so and haven’t played my PS3 since yesterday. Ironic… I guess. That word is so hard to use correctly.

As far as the comic goes, I made the size of the consoles represent the amount of systems that were sold during the first 26 months they were available in the United States. Honestly… I used the grid inside of Adobe Illustrator to make sure that they were all correct. Wii is 17.5 million, Xbox 360 is 9.2 million and the PS3 is 6.79 million [source]. And with those numbers: the Wii is on track to be the PS2 of this generation, the PS3 is on track to be the Gamecube of this generation and the Xbox is on track to be the Xbox of this generation… seriously, the Xbox is Xbox. Or Ed is Ed… not really.

And I didn’t make up the “early adopter” bit [source]. That’s what makes it funny for me. So remember guys if you’re ever uncomfortable about your penis size around your lady friends, just let them know your wang is in it’s “early adopter phase.”

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