Know Thine Enemy [ COMIC ]

Oh, how I wish this wasn’t true. Playing something like Madden or Call of Duty you expect this kind of gamer to be in the mix. But games like UNO, as well? I’ll be honest with you. Some of the biggest jerks I have ever had the chance to encounter on Xbox Live have been while playing UNO. Main reason I quit plugging in my headphones while playing my Xbox 360 a very long time ago.

I’m all for humorous versions of naming the difficulty levels (ie. “Can I play, Daddy?”, “Damn I’m Good”, “I’m a Freight Train O’ Death”, “The Boss Extreme”), but I think there should be an establish set for difficulty levels. I know we have “easy”, “medium” and “hard”, but what about above and below these levels: “very easy” or “very hard”? That seems very lame. I used “practice” and “extreme” in the comic myself… I guess “ultimate” or “supreme” could have worked for “extreme” as well, but still it would help if there was a standard nomenclature. Just saying…