XBox Live [ COMIC ]

Get it?

Ah, good old XBox Live (trademarked as XBox LIVE) or also known as XBL. With it Microsoft actually did something right. It’s a lot more vast and easier to interact with others than either the Virtual Console or Playstation Store. No telling if it will be better than Second Life Home, when Sony releases it. But what’s currently there works just fine for me. And, that’s about it. Yup. Go get an account and check it out. Oh, you need to get an XBox 360, too. Forgot about that part.

On a slightly related/unrelated note, right now I’m playing Lost Odyssey for the 360. It’s a fun game. I explain it as: If you liked Final Fantasy X, then you’ll like this. But, if you liked Final Fantasy X-2, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.