Real Difference Between Western and Japanese Protagonists [ COMIC ]

And that makes you the umpire for watching them both.

It really does seem that a lot of the more popular western hemisphere games have testosterone-induced meatheads for their protagonists. While on the other hand, a lot of the more popular Japanese titles have androgynous “male” teenagers in the lead roles. Why is that?

Well, in the west realism is the popular flavor and as such, you need a character best suited for this environment. A skinny emo kid carrying a sword 2x his own height doesn’t really fit that mold. While in Japan, fantasy is a more popular choice. And if you’re going to cast the lead in a fantasy game, you’re not looking for some beaten down war veteran who’s lost all love for humanity and only cares about killin’. You’re going to reflect on a simpler/happier time in your life when the worries of the world weren’t weighing down on you and anything seemed possible: your youth. And you’re just gonna call them all teenagers so the panties shots aren’t so creepy ;)