Xbox Live is dead. Long live Xbox Live! [ COMIC ]

Today at 00:00 hours, Microsoft ceased to support the original Xbox Live [source]. Personally for me, this doesn’t mean a damn thing. I never owned the original Xbox and the newer Xbox 360 version of Live is still going strong. But for a lot of you there were still multiplayer games that you enjoyed to playing across Live and for those few we’ll have a moment of silence…


Just wanted to remind you that if you are considering pledging towards the Dueling Analogs book that you are not required to have the money at this moment. You won’t be charged for the pledge until the drive is officially over and fully funded as well. And that date is July 4th. So if it’s something you’ve been considering then take a moment to educate yourself on how it works. Which will then hopefully be followed by a pledge.

Update: To the best of my knowledge I have only ever done this once before, but I’m changing the title of this comic. I was checking my iPhone this morning and thinking about the comic. Then, the phrase “Xbox Live is dead. Long live Xbox Live!” popped into my head. Seconds later my emails had downloaded and I saw that Bill commented the same thing under the post. I felt it was a sign. So I decided to change the name of the comic from “Xbox Lived” to “Xbox Live is dead. Long live Xbox Live!”

As far as I can remember the only other time that has happened was when “The Konami Code” changed to “So Dark the Contra of Man” courtesy of Ross Miller from Joystiq Engadget.

See you Monday…

Update 9:20 EST: As of right now, the original Xbox Live is still live [source]. Hopefully it goes down soon so that I don’t have to justify this comic for years to come.


  • David Herbert

    Poor Xbox Live. You were fun, except for the people whining and bitching about cheats whenever they lost. You know what, cancel that, hooray for the death of Live.

  • Bill

    Xbox Live is dead. Long live Xbox Live!

  • J

    Is that Master Chief a drawing or a 3d rendering? Either way, it looks fantastic.

  • D

    I’m pretty confident it’s one of the McFarlane Toys’ Master Chief action figures

  • @J @D Yeah, D is right. It’s the Master Chief toy. I was hoping to find some guy who took a picture of his Master Chief costume from the back, but all I could find was from the front.

  • Alex

    I got my final notice this morning. Microsoft seems to be “reeeally” sorry, so they’re offering 400 MS points, Free 3-month LIVE gold membership, and participation in the Halo: Reach Beta….

  • I knew it, they’re compensating for it going down.

    Nice job, Microsoft, for doing that. You don’t love money THAT much.

    Oh, and RIP Xbox Live.

  • Xuncu

    And around the world, a buch-a-fucktarded teens/preteens who start every other sentence with “fag” nearly died of fright of not having anything to do.

    So close….
    So close.

  • prime_pm

    Jesus, I thought you meant in general. But just for the original XBox is fine by me.

  • Michael

    Hey Steve,

    I’ve been watching the percentage of pledged funds for the dueling Analogs book steadily rise, but on the off chance that the project does not get funded because you do not reach your goal of $7000, what will be the fate of your idea to get a book published?

    I only ask because I quite look forward to getting my hands on one :)

  • Dave


    In that case he will blow the money on booze and hookers, what else? Well maybe video games.