I regret that I have but one life to give for Aiur… [ COMIC ]

So StarCraft II has been “officially” announced and I can’t be happier. Why? Because its not a MMO. I was seriously dreading that it would be. I could understand why Blizzard would make it a MMO, as it would definitely generate them more money. But StarCraft is a real time strategy. I know that the WarCraft series was as well, but dammit this isn’t WarCraft its StarCraft and I don’t care about the hypocrisy of my comments.

The game is 3D, looks better, sounds better, and has brand new units. I think the only thing that would make it better would have been if they added another species to the mix. But seeing how this is taking off where Brood Wars left off, it makes more sense not to. Still I can’t wait.

The irony has finally ended and the GeStapo shirt is in stock and available to buy.

Currently only male shirts are available, but female shirts are scheduled for the second printing. As before buy it, wear it proudly and let me know if any GameStop employees say anything about it. Pictures with willing GameStop employees would be an added bonus. I’m thinking about starting a section on the website specifically for that…