StarCraft II: Launch Party [ COMIC ]

In less than twelve hours and over eleven years after the release of it’s original predecessor, StarCraft II will be available to the masses. So with that said: Will you be getting the game at one of the countless midnight launch events? Or will you just wait to get it on Tuesday? Or some future day down the road? Or not at all? Though I’m not even sure why anyone would accept that option. Nevermind, that is no longer an option. It is unselectable.

One last thing, don’t forget to stop by Otakon‘s artist alley this weekend and say, “Hi” to me. But that’s all. Say more than that and I’m calling security. Just kidding… or am I?


  • Manic

    I’m going to the midnight release, I’ve been a Blizzard fan for as long as I could waggle a mouse and Starcraft has always been my favorite series.

  • liubei013

    Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a decent enough machine to even play a game with generous min specs like SCII. But once I do, Adun Toridas!
    (So basically in the near future.)

    @comic: I like that creative rewording. ;)

  • Nuckel

    It still bugs me that there is no LAN-Mode but a split up campaign… I will definitelly wait for the first voices and post realease reviews before I decide on buying it. After all Blizzard doesn’t have me on a chain like the one or other fan boy… :P

  • David

    I’ll definitely get it but I think I might wait a week or two. Hopefully by then I’ve got more spare cash and less distractions. Its strange, as much as I want to play it I’m not actually that excited about going out and buying it.

  • JEric

    I wouldn’t be able to give the game the proper love required to caress it the right way. When I leave in less then a month to a place where I can’t even touch a computer I feel I’m losing out on some good releases. :-(
    G’luck, and yes, I love Starcraft and blizzard does have me as a fanboy. They’re good at that for some reason.

  • Catalyst

    I already have it on preorder and I’m set to get it at midnight tomorrow. It might not be a release party, I am getting it at GameStop after all, but hey, I figured that I would jump on the chance to be one of those guys before physical games stores died out completely.

  • I’m not getting it, my computer is too bad to play it… or anything

  • Triaxx

    Seriously not at all interested. Supreme Commander still holds my attention and if I wanted to play something like this, I’d just pick up SupCom 2. So I’m definitely in the ‘Not ever’ category.

  • todes

    i was for sure going to buy it… until it was being released episodically. does blizzard not have enough cash already that they have to give us 1 game for the price of 3? i mean come on, wtf?

  • Armane

    Not getting it at all, reasons being; no LAN, 3 games instead of one, privacy issues (facebook integration), and Bobby Kotick. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to it, some of the stuff people have created with the engine so far has been fantastic as well (Metal Slug, Starcraft: Ghost, etc.). I might pick it up eventually, or get all 3 in some battle chest release down the line.

  • Nighkali

    Im definitly getting it, unfortunatly midnight isnt an option for me. I get games the day of their release at 8 am at target. No lines there.

    I personally love the fact that there are three seperate games for this reason, the story doesnt play like warcraft or the old starcraft. Instead of having countless goodies and baddies to play with development on the minimalist of scales to few of them, each game focuses on a faction and a handfull of characters. I personally cant wait to explore the inside of a battlecruiser as Jimmy.

  • concernedDragon

    lol @ the people who aren’t getting it because it only has a Terran campaign.

    The Terran campaign is supposed to be three times as long, and you know what other games had a single race campaign and then expansion packs for other races, Dawn of War, and no one complained about that.

    I heard there is going to be challange and tutorial modes of all the races so it won’t be an issue that Zerg and Protoss will be left out.

    Actually, this is all very hilarious, because if I remember correctly, the original Starcraft had 3 different boxes, one Terran, one Zerg, and one Protoss, and when I first saw them I thought each box focused on a different race…

    You guys can keep whining that you won’t be able to go through the Protoss or Zerg campaigns, but that’s just like saying you weren’t able to go through the Brood War campaigns before you bought it. Also the other campaigns WON’T be full price, I donno where people keep getting that from.

    • Izkata

      The original StarCraft had a Terran front-and-center, appeared to focus on that. The expansion, BroodWar, had the Zerg front-and-center. AFAIK, there weren’t multiple different boxes for a single release.

    • Samson

      Maybe the other campaigns WON’T be full priced, but they haven’t stated how much the WILL be. They could charge $10 like the DLC for Borderlands or they could charge the $30-$40 they are asking for the WoW expansions. I don’t know about you, but I am NOT alright with paying $140 for all of Starcraft

      • David

        But your not looking at what your getting for $140. From what I understand all you need is one of the Starcraft II games and your set for multiplayer. From there each of the games (supposedly) has a full campaign for their race as well as a minor campaign for each of the remaining races, so these are closer to parts of a trilogy than episodes. So from a campaign point of view your getting three full games for $140, and from a multiplayer point of view you only have to buy one.
        The reason it seems like a rip-off is that the original Starcraft split its campaign up over three races rather than giving any one race a full campaign.

  • Revan

    Yup, i’m torrenting as soon as it comes out…

    WHy? and before some1 purist come flame me for it

    Know that on Brazil (where i live) The game is out for 25$, Cheaper you say? Nay, its aversion with only 6 months of access to Bnet, and the Lifetime access version is rumored to Cost 250$… So im torrenting this fucker along with the rest of the smart populace who cant import the game

    • Ejigantor

      I’m not sure what you mean by “purist” but I’ll go ahead and say it: Your argument that the version of the product you wants costs more than you want to pay is a valid justification for theft is hollow. I can’t afford a car, that doesn’t mean it’s ok for me to go out and steal one.

      I’m sure Mr. Napierski doesn’t want this thread to turn into another piracy debate (there are plenty out there) so let me just say that, while I’m sure you disagree with me, stealing doesn’t make you ‘smart’ it just makes you a criminal.

      • Very good points.

      • Revan

        If the game was reasonably priced (50$ for the whole thing, and im not referring to the triology, just WoL with the Lifetime acess)

        i wouldnt be “proud” about torrenting it (i would anyway, but for other reasons)

        research a bit about the gaming scene on brazil, then ask yourself why piracy is so rampant

        would you pay 250$ for starcraft 2? I know i wouldnt, i would however, pay 50$

      • Some Bob

        Think the price is insane? Then don’t buy it. I’m not buying it, either. But not buying doesn’t mean, ‘take it anyways.’

        The entire issue is a messy chicken-and-egg thing. Piracy leads to higher prices which leads to piracy. But to put this into perspective, let’s rephrase this:

        Would you pay the cost of World of Warcraft ($20) and 18 months’ subscription(3*$80) for Starcraft 2 and lifetime play? Revan wouldn’t. Heck, Revan’s complaining about getting 6 months of Starcraft 2 for less than the cost of two months of WoW (2*$15)!

        Yeaaahhh. Totally justified there.

      • Revan

        Completely different points there

        WoW is a MMO, there’s progression (im not delving into the game sucks/rules cause i never played)

        but SC2 is static, its going to be the same thing over n over n over, changes here n there with patches, but i dont get a “lvl up, unlock new tactics to play”, no, its all available form the get go.
        The reason which im not buying, aside pricing, is that, MP of SC2 doesnt appeal to me, i will enjoy its storyline, and maybe, someday, buy the full package for the sake of having it (Like i said, i ENJOY having original games, my most recent acquisition gets played evryday, Aliens Vs Predator) but i wont ford over money for the 1st chapter, i will buy gladly (even more than 50$) for the full story, up to the gran finale.

    • Deviemn

      Get your facts right man! The game is retailing for a measly R$ 49,00, with six free months of online gameplay and R$ 120,00 for unlimited online gameplay. Hell, that is a lot cheaper than most games and it’s really worth your money.

      I also don’t think that games are priced fairly in our country, but I know that is due to our taxes, therefore I think it’s important everyone support jogo justo, the movement that seeks to lower the taxes applied over videogames. Join the fight at: (sorry about the advertising, but it’s a good cause)

  • ffanxii4ever

    Starcraft 2? I don’t care two licks for it, never liked the original, can’t think of what they did to make me like this one. Now Diablo 3? That I might go to a midnight launch for.

  • Izkata

    Not buying it: No LAN, Multiple releases, Facebook linking, Requirement of being online to activate.

    That last one isn’t a biggie, but it opens the door for them to use stronger DRM in future releases.

  • Not getting it. Yeah, stop the presses. I have this relationship with RTS games. They’re free to suck all they want as long as they stay away from me.

    • Freakality

      Seconded, although I don’t actually think they suck, they’re just not my type of game.

      So yeah, not getting it… ever.

      Unselectable option FTW!

      • blehRTS

        I was greatly disappointed by the lack of a LAN play option. Things have moved so far away from Starcrafts spawn installations :(
        I also have never been much of a fan of playing RTS games. I have enjoyed many, many long hours of Starcraft and Warcraft III, but only playing the custom maps that aren’t actual RTS games (arena fights, tower defenses, rpg maps, etc.). I only ever cheat through the campaigns for enjoyment of the story, so if I ever do end up buying Starcraft II, unlikely, it will only be once there are some really amazing custom maps or a LAN play option.

  • Jeff

    I’ll be waiting. No money for video games right now, which sucks because there are a lot of good ones out/coming out soon.

  • Chris

    Buying it, but having it shipped for 11 bucks, will arrive tomorrow. Don’t feel like heading to the store and too busy lately anyway.

    Could care less about LAN, I haven’t been to a LAN party since 2003… DRM issues are pointless to complain about – it’s important for gaming to be honest, and I don’t mind how Blizzard does it. Starcraft is going to be amazing (the beta rocked) and I can’t wait to get the first taste of the story.

  • Some Bob

    I’m just cautiously optimistic, and waiting to see if Blizzard even remembers how to make something that isn’t WoW or WoW merchandising. It’s been, what, 7 years since Frozen Throne? 12 since Brood War?

  • anon

    Screw any company that “requires” me to be online to activate/play a game AND takes out LAN support (seriously, there are some BIG yearly lan parties around the U.S.). I refuse to buy this game, just like I refuse to give Ubisoft any of my business.

  • Aaron

    They don’t let you install the game until the proper time, it’s so taunting. Q_Q

  • Yuki

    I’m just curious if you have to be online to play, then anyone on your local network would have to be online to play, so why couldn’t you just do a “LAN” game online, to all those complaining about no LAN.

  • Riaayo

    God I wanted to make this a big rant but I’ll just be simple about it; $70 is ridiculous to spend on a game that doesn’t even have the full 3 campaigns in it. I’m sorry Blizzard, I wanted this a lot; I WANT it a lot, but I can’t afford this gouged price right now… I bet a lot of other people can’t, either.

    • Revan

      I dont think thats the main point

      I see that “move” from blizzard a Smart one, both story-telling and market wise

      i mean Lets think 2 years from now, when the triology is out

      What will be played on BNet? Wings of Liberty or Legacy of the Void?

      It’s been said each expansion will bring new units to the game, so the main scene will be playing LoTV as opposed to WoL or HoTS

      So its wiser to wait up and buy the final pack, thinking as a saving gamer, but

      if youre a avid SC Fan, go ahead, you’ll get most from the product from the start, and you’ll still be happy, while not necessarily being ripp’d off (depends solely on the treatment the expansions will get, If they’ll be Add-ons or Stand alone packs)

  • Your Tears Feed My Strength

    Oh my god! I don’t want to buy a game that ONLY has more content than Starcraft and Brood Wars combined! Waahhhhh! Seriously, bunch of god damn babies up in here. I’m actually glad these type of people are NOT buying the game, because you’re the type of terribads that ruin my play experience.

    Go right ahead and pirate the game copy. You can’t even play it until it’s validated, so unless you’re using *that* software networking package for pirating, you’ve accomplished nothing.

  • Rippingoff

    Terran=Space Marines

    Type those in google and learn what are you comparing SC1-SC2 to :)

    Tbh its kinda retarded to say “SC1 ” is original anyway,i am gonna let fanboys go nuts with this comment,MP doesnt define a game, or doesnt define any creativity,its just Coding,learn what makes a game great. Not cash devouring companies sell you the game by episodes

    (See Half Life 1 ,did it become a classic just by MP or the SP that everybody loved ?) =)

  • No Face

    I’ll be pirating it actually. I may buy it after playing it, but only if the single player campaign makes me cry.

  • Nil

    Never would buy it. Waste of money. I’d rather play games that are interesting like World of Warcraft and Diablo. You know, games that don’t include having to build stuff.