A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [ COMIC ]

Ah, forums. Can’t live with them…

I like forums. They’re a place where the anonymity of the internet is not so anonymous and people from all over the world can gather together to discuss limitless topics of interest. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of douchebags in the world. I usually avoid posting on the bigger blogs for this specific reason.

I love to discuss video games, politics, religion, (web)comics, manga, anime, sex, movies, television, whatever… you name it, I probably enjoy the discussion. If someone makes a point and it’s expanded upon or is rebutted with a well-thought out opinion, that’s awesome. If someone makes a point and its answered with name calling, the fun ends there.

Now I enjoy drama, as long as I am not involved, as much as the next person. But let the drama be real world (cheating on your significant other is always interesting) and not to calling someone stupid (replace stupid with many of the other colorful metaphors you may know) when you are trying to have a discussion.

I don’t like Sony’s business practices. Tell me why I’m wrong. I’ll slam Microsoft because of Windows, but praise them for the 360. Explain to me my hypocrisy. I think Nintendo has overall made the best video games ever. Tell me why you agree or disagree.

I can’t say that I will agree with you… ever, but I can guarantee that I’ll never call you an ass-licking douchbag… today, at least.

Lastly, make sure to check out this guest strip I did for my pal David Buist for his webcomic Taking the Bi-Pass. Congrats on becoming father, its a wonderful thing.