Aegis and Agony [ COMIC ]

This was officially announced and it wasn’t another this. So we were all this.

I downloaded Aegis Wing last Wednesday and have been playing the hell out of it ever since. I’ve got all but one of the achievements in the game. The one I’m missing is Ace: Earn 185,000 points. I’ve come pretty close. The way you earn this one os by winning the game solo and killing almost everything (especially the green mother ships those are 500 points each). Hopefully sometime this week.

So I stopped by Barnes and Nobles on Saturday night and picked up a copy of Hardcore Gamer Magazine and to my surprise it had a Dueling Analogs comic in it.

Yup, starting with the June issue Dueling Analogs will now appear monthly in Hardcore Gamer Magazine with BRAND NEW comics that do not appear on this site. So if you want to get some more dueling in your life, here’s your way to do it.

Lastly, not sure how I found this this weekend, but glad I did. Its a point and click adventure game called The Exchange Student and its in the same vein as Sam and Max or Day of the Tentacles. I’m not sure if the project is still ongoing, but what’s there is pretty sweet. Its for both the PC and Mac and its free to download, so give it a shot.