How It Really Happened: Super Mario Bros. [ COMIC ]

I just wanted to see how you could transform Super Mario Bros. into something tangible in the real world.

Here’s what I thought: I didn’t want to do the overalls on Mario, so I opted for jeans, t-shirt and blue plaid shirt. I explained the large “M” on the hat by making the hat a Mack truck hat.The giant mushroom hat on the mushroom retainers looks a lot like one of those Rastafarian cap. The idea that he might get high off of ‘shrooms just added to the illusion.I was originally thinking of making “The Castle” the name of a strip club chain, but it would have taken too long to effectively demonstrate that she was in another castle location in the comic. So I decided that “Another Castle” should be the actual name of a strip club. There’s not much more to Peach than she’s a stripper with blonde hair and wears pink and instead of being a Princess, her name is Princess (at least her stripper name is). As far as King Koopa, I had to figure out some sort of wardrobe that would allow me to have similar colors in the same place and look to match his personality. My solution was to model him after Francis Buxton from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, but give him a sports fan, frat boy kind of outfit. And of course Mario had to rescue the Princess, so instead of being kidnapped I went for sexual harassment.

I normally don’t explain the thought process behind the comic this much, but I had nothing else to post. See you Monday!