Snow Day [ COMIC ]

So I live in the Virginia/North Carolina border right near the ocean in an area of Virginia called Hampton Roads a.k.a. Southside a.k.a. Tidewater. And this area of Virginia has a knack for avoiding most major weather storms. Maybe its because of the close proximity to the ocean. Or possibility because of North Carolina’s coastline that makes a hard turn east right before it meets Virginia. Or maybe the fact that Pat Robertson and his 700 Club are located right here in Hampton Roads and that he prays away all the storms. But regardless we do rarely get hit by any heavy storms in this area. Hurricanes will usually turn away right before hitting this area and snow storms go around us. I’m serious. It can snow 20 miles above this area and 20 miles below, but the storms coming from the west usually turn or split right down the center when they reach this area.

So what does any of this have to do with you? Well, when we got hit with a snow storm on Friday night that delivered 7″ of storm to my house (usually we’re lucky if we even get a dusting of snow each season) I was not going to let that opportunity to have some fun with my family go to waste this weekend. Now I’m not saying that creating Dueling Analogs is a waste of time and/or not fun, but spending some nice time with my family during this rare occasion was definitely my priority. Fortunately, I did plan enough ahead and created a snowman in the shape of Mario while I was out there to put up on the site today. Not sure how tall that thing looks in the picture, but the snowman itself stands about 4′ tall.

But don’t worry, I shall return on Thursday with something comically gaming. Or at the very least gamingly comic.

OH… don’t forget tonight at 8pm is the 1000th episode of X-Play. And guess who is going to be a very special guest on said show? That’s right! Not me. See you Thursday.