The Mr. Masters 2 [ COMIC ]

Welcome to the second incarnation of the Mr. Masters series. To make it easier for me to copy and paste one single link for the future incarnations I added the tag “Mr. Masters” to these to make it easier to find the older one.

The idea behind the Mr. Masters series is simple. It’s a mix of the robot masters from the original Mega Man series with The Mr. Men children’s book/cartoon series. Instead of Cut Man you get Mr. Cut, instead of Guts Man you get Mr. Guts and so forth… Its a fun experiment because some of the names of the characters are taken in completely different directions from their original intent.

After the previous Mr. Masters I have officially decided to work towards a poster version. It will contain all eighty (80) robot masters from Mega Man 1- 10, plus the six (6) new masters from Mega Man & Bass plus Mega Man and Proto Man as well for a grand total of eighty-eight (88) Mr. Masters on the final poster. Plus, an extra special idea that I have in mind for those who pre-order it, too. Nonetheless, doesn’t look like the pre-order for the poster will be happening for another month at least. So no big rush.

See you on Thursday.


  • David Herbert

    Why is it when I saw Mr Wood I immediately thought of something else?

  • Ido

    I thought Mr Woods would be less eunuch…

  • Ido

    *Mr Wood, my bad sorry.

  • Brad

    Seeing Mr. Flash makes me wonder about the next one and Mr. Hard! o_0

  • Shizz ( you know)

    Why is mr. Metal a punk and not a metalhead?

  • @Shizz ( you know) I was a growing up experience. I hung out with metal heads when I was younger and a lot of them had the whole long hair, black shirt dirtbag thing going on. But a lot of them had the Mohawks as well. I know its more synonymous with punk, but it’s also a makes for a more interesting looking character as well.

  • Anonymoustache

    Fun times. I expected Mr. Heat to be packing some weapons, though.

  • Mobius

    No more Mr. Quick. Mr. Quick, dead, yes.
    Poor, poor Mr. Quick.

  • @Mobius Nice reference. I haven’t thought of Dark City in like forever.

  • Christopher

    There are only 78 robot masters . . . six in the first game and then 8 in each one afterwards.

  • Scullion

    8 in the first game with the power up psp remake, 10 if you count roll and megaman

  • Brad

    When Capcom went back to re-make MM1 for PSP they added Oil Man and Time Man (for a total of 8) in order to match the standard made with 2-10

  • SnakeByte

    Mr Metal is Mr Punk?

    Just Axel Steel in Mr Man version would have sufficed. That’s just confusing and some metalheads are going to recoil at the association with what was a real rival genre in the NWOBHM years.

  • Anonin

    Mr. Wood’s feet are balls, ha.

  • Jonny Havoc

    Just a quick note about Shizz’s comment. Mr Metal should be Mr Punk. Mohawk and big army boots is a punk look not metal. Metal is long hair with a bandana and denim jacket in the most stereotypically way. >.<