The Mr. Masters 2 [ COMIC ]

Welcome to the second incarnation of the Mr. Masters series. To make it easier for me to copy and paste one single link for the future incarnations I added the tag “Mr. Masters” to these to make it easier to find the older one.

The idea behind the Mr. Masters series is simple. It’s a mix of the robot masters from the original Mega Man series with The Mr. Men children’s book/cartoon series. Instead of Cut Man you get Mr. Cut, instead of Guts Man you get Mr. Guts and so forth… Its a fun experiment because some of the names of the characters are taken in completely different directions from their original intent.

After the previous Mr. Masters I have officially decided to work towards a poster version. It will contain all eighty (80) robot masters from Mega Man 1- 10, plus the six (6) new masters from Mega Man & Bass plus Mega Man and Proto Man as well for a grand total of eighty-eight (88) Mr. Masters on the final poster. Plus, an extra special idea that I have in mind for those who pre-order it, too. Nonetheless, doesn’t look like the pre-order for the poster will be happening for another month at least. So no big rush.

See you on Thursday.