Worst Super Mario Bros. Player Ever!! [ VIDEO ]

Want to see the someone play Super Mario Bros. so badly that they only get 700 points by the end of the game? Only 700 points!! That’s not even four coins.

Worst Super Mario Bros. Player Ever!!

source: YouTube


  • Hush

    Worst player? Hardly. To avoid everything and only have 700 points at the end of the game takes SKILL.

    • Fett101

      That’s the joke.

  • RRRansom

    I wonder if it could be done on the NES.

  • Shadow

    Was this done on an emulator?

    • Glaedr

      probably, i don’t recall wall jumps in the original xD

      • Definitely an emulator. It’s mainly using the Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites in it’s sprite set.

        • Yeah, he would have died many times doing that on the original NES… There were a number of times that he was in contact with baddies and didn’t die.

        • ’tis nothing but a Romhack. The only thing edited are the Sprites, if the description is true.

      • Actually, Wall Jumping is quite present in the original. It is just a glitch that lets you jump one pixel above the next tile.
        I.E. Suppose that this is a warp pipe
        _ Tile 1
        | | Tile 2
        | | Tile 3
        What the player did was jump in the spot where 2 of the tiles merge, making the game think it’s land.
        Now you know.

      • Erakir

        Look up Super Mario Bros glitches – wall jumps are nothing new, and are very easily repeatable for someone who knows how to do it and has practiced (not me for sure, but it’s true :p )

        Nothing here is impossible in the original. Hitboxes are smaller than they look for lots of things – hammers, plants, etc.

  • clicheguevara

    Looks like it might be an emulator running super mario allstars for the snes.

    • Sabbo

      Nah, the graphics weren’t right for that. I also don’t think the wall jump glitch is present in All Stars.

  • chewweybacco

    gtf outta here. you cant do none of that s*it in the original.

  • SirManguydude

    Basically he used a sprite hack rom, that is about it. The sprite for SMW Mario is larger then the SMB Sprite, thus the hit box is smaller than the sprite, making it look like he is touching when he is not.