First-person World Problems [ COMIC ]

Special thanks to the dynamic duo of Joe Dunn and Phil Chan of Matriculated and Another Videogame Webcomic for today’s guest strip.

Not really first-person…or even third-person related, but the title of this comic is reminding me of The First World Problems Rap video. It does make a reference to the Wiimote and Tiny Wings for the iPhone. So I guess that’s gaming related enough to repost it here.


  • Da Mighty Camel

    Is the joke that Megatron transforms inte a gun?

    • anon

      I don’t think anyone gets this one…

    • Phaelin

      Yeah, that took me a minute.

    • Marcy

      Not a die hard Transformers fan, but if I were take a guess, it’s either because Megatron forms into a gun, or it’s a reference to the FPS Transformers game (W.F.C.). If so, clever.

  • Kasaix

    They might be playing a Transformers game.

  • nako

    Probably more on the pulse of geek culture, and also came out a year prior: MC Frontalot – First World Problem

  • sheppy

    Just this morning, I joked with a friend on chat that DA didn’t update in a while, guess he ran out of people to do strips for him. When I came home for my lunch hour, practically spat out root beer on my screen to see another guest comic. This is especially funny when you copyright stuff other people do for you without recurring characters you own. Shouldn’t the guess comic team at least own the copyrights on this one?

    • You’re going to have to take that issue up with Joe Dunn. Joe’s done many guest strips for Dueling Analogs before and this isn’t the first time that he chose that for the copyright when he sent it. I know that I’ve sent guest strips to other webcomics before with their standard copyright information, as well. It’s up to the individual.

  • ed

    I still don’t get it.

    • Optimus MO’FO Prime

      Megatron turns into a gun.

  • Darkthread

    Perhaps he transforms into a TV.

  • Griffin

    Megatron turns into a gun. He needs someone to hold and fire him. So to him that’s 3rd person. Because someone else is holding the gun. It’s hard to get yeah but that’s the punchline.

    • It was very painful watching this thread unfold. I thought the joke was brilliant, but I guess it was as clear for everyone.

      • ed

        It makes sense now. I’m 19 and I don’t know anything about the Transformers animated series, and the live action movies are abysmal piles of excrement.

      • Griffin

        I admit it took me awhile to get the joke. It’s clever but think a lot of people don’t think about P.o.v. sense megatron is a gun first person to him would be view of gun. then third person would be seeing the guy holding the gun. Also I guess that knowing that orginal Megatron was a gun does help. ;p

      • Phaelin

        It was most definitely brilliant. In fact, it was a little *too* clever.

        We liek dem jokes bout boobs n’ Megamens.

        • Pietro


  • Optimus MO’FO Prime

    I liked it, for one. But that’s because I’m one of the biggest TF fans ever. Very clever.

  • Sparanda

    Honestly, I couldn’t have told you it was Megatron if I hadn’t read these comments.

  • thewood

    To all who have no idea about the old Transformers cartoons, you should check them out. Netflix has them, but be sure you get the ones from the 80’s.

  • Mr. Pants McPants

    I thought the joke was that he always refers to himself in the third person.

    I also thought it was Starscream at first, so that didnt help.