A Lon, Lon Time Ago… [ COMIC ]

Chris Simmons, of the masterfully funny webcomic Digital Unrest, contributed today’s guest strip to Dueling Analogs two year celebration… that’s what I’m calling it right now. Digital Unrest is one of my favorite gaming webcomics. I’ve been reading Digital Unrest for a very long time. In fact, I’ve read it for so long that the comics I first started reading are no longer online… I need to ask Chris about those missing comics. So if you haven’t read Digital Unrest, its your loss. Don’t keep being a loser and read Digital UnrestNOW!

Thanks go out to Ross Miller for dedicating this week’s Joystiq weekly webcomic wrapup to Dueling Analogs two year celebration. Major kudos, Ross… without your support, Dueling Analogs would never grown as big as it has so quickly. I appreciate it immensely.