Guest Strip by Ali Graham [ COMIC ]

Incase you’re wondering, Dueling Analogs is celebrating its two year anniversary by running guest strips done by other webcomic creators. We now return you to your regularly scheduled posting.

Today’s guest comic is done by one of my oldest and closest webcomic friends, Ali Graham. When we first met I was almost done with my stint on Bored and Evil (last comic I ever laid out), I was only three months into doing the outer circle and Dueling Analogs was almost a half a year away from its first comic. Ali, on the other hand, was still pushing strong on HOUSD and his current masterpiece, AfterStrife wasn’t even a glimmer on the horizon. Two and a half years later, AfterStrife is a major success and I’m doing this…

None the less, major thanks to Ali for this comic and make sure to visit his pride and joy AfterStrife… which updates every Monday and Friday.

Normally, this would be the last comic of the week. But in light of the two year celebration, there will be another comic this Friday. By whom? I guess you’ll just have to come back on Friday to see. Or you could just donate five or more dollars and I’ll just email it to you… hell, if you donate five or more I tell you who all the guest strips are and when they will appear, too. Yup, that’s just the kind of whore I am. Here’s to another two years of selling out!