Two For One Special [ COMIC ]

It looks like Terracciano Thursday is back to being Monday Mookie. Originally, today was going to be Tales from ConnectiCon ‘09: Part II. But some flooding in the city today kept me stranded in the downtown area for quite some time today. Time that I was planning on using to create today’s comic. Fortunately for me, I’ve got some fellow webcomicsters™ who’ve got my back.

First off is the above comic which was done by SilverBolt2012. And who you can also find on the web here. And the below comic was done by Darren J. Gerdron a.k.a. Dern. The mastermind behind Dear Pirate and half of the creative team behind Hello With Cheese. Thank a lot both of you. You really helped me out of a jam.


With that I am really hoping that the fates are not conspiring against me. But if all goes well, I will be back on here for Monday Mookie. Cross you fingers.