The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

by Steve Napierski to Comics

First off, credit for the joke in this comic goes to Dylan who emailed it to me a couple days ago. Thanks, man.

I wasn’t originally planning on doing this comic today. In fact, today’s comic wasn’t even going to be a comic but an animation. I’d been working on it over the weekend and it was turning out quite well… at least that’s what I originally thought. After reexamining it I decided that I could do a much better and much more polished version of the animation if I just gave it a little more time. So that’s what I’m doing. With my mind already focused on the animation, Dylan’s joke gave me a perfect backup plan without any additional thinking on my part.

About the comic: One thing I had to decide about the comic was whether to go for the traditional psychiatrist’s office or the iconic Peanuts‘ “office.” You can obviously tell that I chose the latter option. I was a little hesitant about choosing it as I saw people comparing it to this VG Cats comic. But compared or not, I still felt it was the better option. And it’s not as if I hadn’t already used the Peanuts‘ “office” before and I’m definitely not the first person to parody it in another comic… Clearly evidenced by the Scott’s comic.

I’ll see you on Thursday.

  • David

    I would love to hear Link’s response. Yeah, he doesn’t talk, but that’d be interesting.

  • Shiratzu

    “HUP! KEEYYAAAAH!” “She doesn’t understand you?”

  • CathickleSquall

    @David : Here’s what link would do *Navi wont shut the hell up* *Link grabs his sword and starts flailing wildly trying to kill navi, and in turn gets killed himself by ganon*

  • PCachu

    I think you’ve got more problems than you realize if you’re asking a freaky-deaky fairy fetishist for psychiatric help.

  • Ash