Ghost Muncher [ COMIC ]

So where’s that Final Fantasy XII comic that was supposed to be here today? Well it was on its way here, but got lost somewhere around Albuquerque. Not to worry, I heard will be here on Wednesday.

You might have noticed a change to the layout of the main page. I had to rework a few things so that I could add a tower banner to the left of the news. Now before anyone gets the idea that I sold out… you’re wrong. I am currently in the process of attempting to sell out and have yet to meet my goal. Big difference.

There is one cool part about the way the main page is laid out now. I am no longer limited by how much news I can post. Now I can go on multi-screen tirades if I feel like it. Pretty sweet. The down side is that I lost the instruction manual design that I loved so much… I need to find a way to work that into one of the many future interior pages for Dueling Analogs.

8-Bit Theater recently released some shot glasses featuring character artwork done by Scott Ramsoomair… pretty cool. What’s even cooler is I was the one who had the pleasure of vectorizing that artwork for said shot glasses. I even got a chance to update the look for Garland to match the style of the other characters, that was even funner! So check them out and while you’re doing that, buy some too!

Lastly check out the latest brilliant creation from multi-talented Joe Dunn. Its called Turtle vs. Bunny and its an interactive webcomic where the audience decides who wins based on their level/degrees of participation. Pretty friggin’ sweet. Two points and a cookie for Mr. Dunn.