I am Captain Basch! [ COMIC ]

Yeah, this comic is so for anyone that has played Final Fantasy XII. If you haven’t… then get a copy. If you won’t get a copy… then here is a link to one of last week’s comics that won Joystiq’s weekly webcomic wrap up. Thanks to everyone that voted for Dueling Analogs. I appreciated it.

What to say about Final Fantasy XII? Its an awesome game with a story on par with Final Fantasy III VI. And hopefully its active battle system will the future of the Final Fantasy franchise. Unlike Final Fantasy X-2 which is the “bastard child you hoped would never find you” of the series.

Speaking of Final Fantasy X-2, I recall one of my previous issues of Game Informer mentioning in a positive fashion that Motomu Toriyama would be directing Final Fantasy XIII. Motomu Toriyama also directed Final Fantasy X-2. How is that a good thing? That’s like saying “good thing BloodRayne II is being directed by Uwe Boll again”. No goodness all around.

Lastly, keep an eye on the store as new merchandise should be appearing in there soon.