Pac-Man Blues [ COMIC ]

What can one say about Pac-Man series, that has not already been said a thousand times before? How about that Ms. Pac-Man was not actually created by Namco, but was in fact a bootlegged hack of Pac-Man called Crazy Otto? It’s true.

Midway, Pac-Man‘s U.S. distributor, got tired of waiting for Namco to release the sequel to Pac-Man (which would be Super Pac-Man) so they bought the rights to a game called Crazy Otto from General Computer Corporation. After aquiring the title, they changed the look of the game to reflect the Pac-Man series, renamed it Ms. Pac-Man and released the game on to the arcade crazy American market. And, well… the rest is history.

I also want to note that this is the first Dueling Analogs comic to have nothing to do with sexual pleasures.