Taste Like Chicken! [ COMIC ]

While I was doing the artwork for the rabbits in this strip, all I could think of was those freaky rodents from the Quiznos commercials. Do bunnies like subs?

As far as the game… its Raving Rabbids. Its a must have game for the Wii. I’ve heard its good on other platforms as well, just not as fun without the Wiimote and nunchuck (What if instead of the cow toss the game had a nun chuck?). Kind of like buying a VHS to play on your HD TV. It will work and you’ll still enjoy it, but there was a much better option… Betamax!

Speaking of Betamax, did you know that Sony created that? Yeah. It had superior video quality over VHS, but because of a multitude of technical drawbacks along with a proprietary nature it lost. Seriously, Sony… those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.