D.S. I Love You [ COMIC ]

I get some unhealthy enjoyment from creating comics about people walking in on their significant others. I’d say I need help, but as I already said I am enjoying it.

Before I get back to the comic, I wanted to mention that I am doing the very first Dueling Analogs auction. What is the auction for? To help me get some money for Christmas. What am I auctioning? Ten [10] pages of the original sketches used to create eight [8] different comics… this also includes the original artwork for Bukkake man. As well as high resolution prints of all the comics the sketches were used to create. And everything is signed. The auction is running from now until Saturday December 6th at 4AM EST. If you’ve ever wanted to get a real piece of Dueling Analogs memorabilia, now is your chance.

I has this idea for a comic for months now, but wanted to hold off until there was a decent enough buffer between today’s comic and this. Originally, when I was creating this comic the systems were a little more cartoonish and I has original artwork for the display screen. But, since all the console comics have always had a near realistic feel to the systems, I opted to make the characters more realistic. I also used original screen captures from Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2. But I modified them to remove the original dialog that appeared on the screens. I wanted the first three panels to give the feeling that the character was talking and not the DS.

Lastly, we’ve been a little backed up at BigBoomBomb.com recently. But all is squared away now and the last of the orders that need to be shipped will be shipped this week no later than Wednesday. I also might have to run a new pre-order to restock the Cloud Lied, Aerith Died shirts for anyone who is interested.

And don’t forget that the outer circle is still updating as well every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Later!