PSP Philosophy [ COMIC ]

I came up with this comic on Saturday. Here’s what happened, the Grand Theft Auto comic that I did was part of last week’s weekly webcomic wrap up. Well, Andrew Yoon decided to post an article on to promote the comic’s voting chances… which I appreciated. Plus on top of that, this wasn’t the first time Andrew posted a article about Dueling Analogs, either. Needless to say I felt bad after this because of the times (1 and 2) I had joked on the PSP. So I decided to put this comic together to show my thanks… thanks.

Now for the record, I think the PSP is a good system… I just think its made bad mistakes. My main gripe is that the games are not designed for portable, but for console play. Where the DS has games that are meant to be picked up and played for a few minutes, the PSP has games that require longer time to play per sitting. My philosophy is if I’m going to be playing a game for a long while, I’d rather do it on my larger screen tv over my small screen PSP (regardless of how good the picture is). Make sense?