Dueling Anagrams II [ IMAGE ]

You’ve got to admit that the Destiny/Density anagram is pretty clever.

Yesterday I shared the original Dueling Anagrams on the Facebook page. Today I decided that I would get a few more logos together and create a new installment. And here it is.


  • Gamer5020

    Density I see what you did there.

  • Holy cow! Original content?! First time in months, no?

    But seriously, funny stuff. Monkey Pox… heh.

  • Sixclaws

    Considering how things are right now?

    Men are pigs = Rape me sign.

  • Jeff

    Monkey Pox got a chuckle. Destiny/density? Back to the Future did it better.

    • Try Googling George McFly’s book from Back to the Future: “A Match Made in Space.”

      • Jeff

        Didn’t really pay attention to the picture below the word the first time to notice the helmet.

        • Gamer5020

          Search Epic Rap Battles of History Doc Brown vs Doctor Who

  • Butt

    More pl0x

  • Butt

    Duellinganalogs: Anal Sludge Lingo

    • Butt

      Wait… You spell duelling the American way… Damn