Squatters’ Rights [ COMIC ]

I was thinking about this while I was putting the previous comic together.

A year ago, the Nintendo Wii had such a vast margin over the competition it was ridiculous. But then, Sony/Blu-Ray won the format war. I actually thought that that was going to start pushing the PS3’s numbers to the max. Nope. The PS3 still has half the install base of the Wii. And the Xbox 360 has almost as large of an install base as the Wii as well now [source].

Another thing I noticed are role-playing games (RPG). Last generation, if you wanted RPGs the console to own was the PS2. Now if you want RPGs the consoles to own are the Xbox 360 and the PS2 (as far as handhelds, the Nintendo DS and PSP are both on par as far as RPG libraries go). I’m seeing the new RPGs coming out of Japan going to the Xbox 360. While the PS2 is getting a lot of good titles that might have been shuffled aside earlier on in the systems life if they had been brought over to the western countries at that time (Luminous Arc 2, Persona series, Ar Tonelico 2, etc…).

So, what? Am I bashing Sony? No. I like my PS3… granted I use it to play Blu-Rays and PS1/PS2 games I still like it. It’s more of me thinking that the Xbox 360 might actually be the top selling console this generation. Xbox Live is more polished than the competitions online versions. And I’m thinking the Wii novelty is starting to wear off a little.

Rereading what I just wrote, it does seem like a jumbled train-of-thought. But it works. Voice your opinions in the forum.