A Xbox 360 is… [ COMIC ]

Don’t you give me that look! You know damn well that if I didn’t do it first, then someone else would have. Isn’t it better to know that it was me?

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, then I highly recommend you click this link. Did you click it? Makes all kind of sense now, doesn’t it? Seriously though, that image was just begging for the final symbol in it to be a red ring of death. It was as if Kojima Productions was saying, “Come on!”… only they would have said it in Japanese instead of English.

When I was putting this comic together I thought of many other variations, but none of them were gaming related. So, I stuck with the tried and true.

Lastly, the original Dueling Analogs artwork auction is still running through Saturday December 6th at 4AM EST. The auction is still to help me get some money for Christmas. And I’m still auctioning off ten (10) pages of the original sketches used to create eight (8) different comics… and this still includes the original artwork for Bukkake man. So if you’ve ever wanted to get a real piece of Dueling Analogs memorabilia, you still have a chance.