Classic Dueling Analogs #8 [ COMIC ]

Today is Valentine’s Day. So in honor of it, I decided to display a romantic comic that showed the true essence of love between a man and a woman. But since that comic was nowhere to be found, I decided to run this classic comic from March ’07 instead.

You know what the hardest part about doing a gaming webcomic is? Creating jokes that relate to video games… All the time. True, I make the occasional self-referencing joke, but that is still a joke that pertains to Dueling Analogs itself. Consider today me catching my breathe for a second, before I start jogging again.

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  • Kaye


    I think you forgot that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out the day after. A gag like this linked to that would have been absolutely delightful.

    • Randomman

      Actually it comes out tomorrow but yeah it would have still been a good joke

  • Yup, nothing says valentine’s day like a trip down the hershey highway.

  • David Herbert

    I’ve never even attempted this, mostly because I’m grossed out about the idea of hitting crap.

    • random thinker

      thats why you wear a condom when you do it(it keeps debris from getting in your penis too)

      • Lesharo

        Condom, lube, and it’s better if your partner is “prepared” rather than just springing it on them.

  • JukEboX

    Nothing says I am to lazy to make a comic today cause I am getting laid, like a repeat. Check the archive he already did this one :)

    • Randombob

      That’s the point, check the title and post. It’s no secret that it’s a re-run ;)

  • Randomgamerdude

    When you’re all out of ideas…get another RSS feed.

  • Lesharo

    I unlocked that one before there were such things as achievements in video games…yes, I am having a major “back in my day” moment, here. The Robin Williams bit from Weapons of Self Destruction is playing in my head right now.

  • Crystal

    haha, classy!

  • smashpro1

    Surprised you didn’t re-run the Final Fantasy sex one.

    • I would want to redo the artwork on that one. It was always off a little bit to me.

  • InnocentMind

    I don’t see why it’s such an achievement, gay guys do it all the time.