The Other Mmm… [ COMIC ]

I originally had a narrative for this comic. It said, “After a long day of saving the galaxy… Samus Aran likes to lay back and relax with-” But while I was putting the comic together, I decided that it worked better with just the humming of the “personal massager.”

So, I haven’t got a chance to pick up Metroid: Other M yet. I’ve heard that a lot of people like it and I’ve also heard people complain that Samus talks too much and isn’t nearly butch enough for their likings. As I said, haven’t pick it up yet. So if you have played it and you have an opinion on the matter, please don’t hesitate to post it below. It’ll help me decide when and if I finally pick it up… But odds are it will still be when.


  • David Herbert

    Everyone needs to take care of themselves once in a while.

  • Alexie_dennison

    It was great, I liked the way it was a cross between Prime series and Super metroid. I really liked it but hope team retro take what Ninja and nintendo have done and RUN with it, Because the machanics were there they just needed a lil polishing. Like getting rid of the ‘Find the tiny pixel’ to move on, I was like *RAGE* MOOOTHERRRRR $#($U%*(&U#!!! Untill I found it, I hear reviews ranging from 7.5-9/10, Still awesome and should be played. Although I might add If you have played Fusion this might be a little of a re-hash!

  • if you haven’t read the fan translated manga from 2003 I would definitely suggest doing that before playing Other M. It really sets up the character and backstory in a way that will make Other M’s narrative and characterization of Samus be much less jarring (as it apparently has been to some). The gameplay is a blast though. They really mixed the old games with Prime in a cool way. Well worth the time and money I think..

  • Lax

    If it was for any other system, I would’ve bought it by now. But since it’s for the Wii, I won’t be able to. They suck for making just for the “family” system, and not for PS3 or Xbox 360. Lame…

    • jimfromtx

      Yeah, I mean, how dare Nintendo make a game with one of their original characters, and not release it on the other platforms.

    • TimeSage

      Right, because a Nintendo Game on another system makes sense. Let’s get Halo on PS3 while we’re at it!

  • Josh

    I’m turned on right now.

    Maybe I’ll go on a Samus Rule 34 hunt later…


    • Raian the Fallen

      I believe this is what the rest of the audience will be doing.

      Also, I lol’d

      • Josh

        Truth is there never was a hunt. I already have a lot of it saved.

  • Doc Lithius

    The sound you are now hearing is the sound of my head hitting a wall over and over again. x_x

  • TheYellowSlant

    OMG 666 POSTS!!!! ZE DEVIL IS COMING TO HAUNT US!!!!111oneoneone

  • spweasel

    It isn’t terrible, but it desperately needed nunchuck support – the D-Pad just doesn’t hold up well to 3D. Also, too much of the gameplay revolves around the new “sensemove” feature, which are basically just glorified quicktime events.

    Samus was stripped of most of her badassery for this one, to the point where she has a panic attack when witnessing an event she’s seen something like 5 times before (I kid you not). The story ultimately ends up coming across like Metroid fan fiction, with the story seeming to fly in the face of previously canon/semi-canon materials (basically, it more or less disowns the Prime series, the manga, and some of Fusion).

    It’s also short. 10 hours for 100% if you follow a guide isn’t a stretch. I don’t consider it a bad thing, but some people get up in arms about it.

    • AnonMan

      Yeah I can personally attest to the 10 hours with a guide.

    • Marvin

      If I may, Samus is suffering from PSTD. The Metroid Database had a great article on it..

      *spoilers for those who have not played Other M yet*

  • Angel Xtreme

    I liked. For someone who has just played Super Metroid and Fusion (And only the last one finished) I can’t really compare it to the series in general. But for a game in its own I really liked.
    Although the “Find the tiny pixel” really frustrated me quite a few times.
    Right now I started the Hard mode, and I already died with the first boss. Thats not a good signal for me… hehe…

  • Trent

    The game is bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. The gameplay is okay, bordering on competent, but the story, the dialogue, the plot, its all just so very very very bad.

  • Enepttastic

    I enjoyed it but honestly found it a tad short overall.

  • Stina

    It’s a dumbed down Metroid title… lacking many of the elements that made the other Metroids great.

  • randomgamerdude


  • Azith

    Great strip. But you should have made the vibrator look like a little missle powerup :)

    • bidoopoo

      Yeah, but couldn’t that lead to a terrible mix-up and a rather short stint of “alone time” for Samus?

      Besides would you wanna be the one to have to carve that on her headstone?

      Samus Aran b. 21xx, d. 21xx

      “She came and went.”

  • Malagron

    Metroid: Other M is pretty bad. The combat is good, and I like the whole “dodge and your charge is full” mechanic. But everything else is terrible. Any time you’re required to go into first person mode is just awful (aside from opening doors). The graphics are worse than Prime 3, and the camera angles are absolutely terrible. Like early N64 bad.
    The plot is a love note to the developers of Metroid: Fusion. Really, the game is a love note to them. I would have been happier with a complete Fusion remake, not this “Okay, it’s almost identical to Fusion without the X”.
    Samus not using her suit powerups because they’re not authorized? Weapons I could understand, but at what point would turning the Varia or Gravity suits on be a bad thing? Especially when you’re running through extreme heat, or a lot of water.
    It’s the first bad game in the Metroid series. Outside of potentially Hunters. Never played that one.

  • Vanya

    I honestly didn’t have that much of a problem with it. As for the d-pad not working well with 3d, bull. It was perfectly fine with when I played it. The plot was kinda hard to get used to, but after awhile I didn’t hate it. Although Adam authorizing the Ice Beam when he did for everyone else at the BEGINNING OF THE GAME kinda pissed me off, but I digress. It was the Super Metroid of the current generation, so I enjoyed it.

    Aside from the find-the-tiny-pixel bits. Green blood in a grassy area? Fuck you guys.

    • spweasel

      The only reason it was “perfectly fine” was because of the stupidly generous auto-lockon. The fact that you can’t choose a speed other than “full stop” and “full run” isn’t great if you want to make subtle movements. You also can only move in 8 directions, which is a little annoying at times when you want to take the most direct path across a large room.

      It isn’t gamebreaking so much as annoying, but it is clearly a violation of one of the classic rules of video game design.

  • Paul

    I enjoyed Other M, it was everything I expected of a Metroid game. Only in 3D! The only odd things to me were how Samus gets her powerups and the storyline. A lot of it felt sort of odd, like how they emphasize on her being a woman doing the line of work she does. It’s the future, I thought gender didn’t matter anymore. But I digress. Anyway, only two tiny complaints versus all the other crazy action you go through is a pretty nice comprimise if ya ask me. The game is rather fast paced too, so you need to be quick with running around to avoid attack and then quickly whip the Wiimote around so to fire off missiles. I find these moments, which happen very often, to be the best parts. It’s also fun how a lot of enemies react to your arsenal of weapons giving them weaknesses allowing you an opening. Anyway, I’ve probably rambled on too long. In short, I thought Other M was really fun, take it how ya will.

  • TheZeldite

    I don’t understand all the whining surrounding the plot. Granted, Samus did come off as slightly more of a pouty brat than I would have liked, but this game really gave her a good backstory. Having never read any of the mangas, but having played all of the games (except for Metroid II on Gameboy) I think this makes a good continuation of the Metroid – M II – Super – Fusion line.

    As far as gameplay goes, the “find the pixel” stuff is bad, and yeah, it’s silly that you can’t just turn on the Varia suit when you need it. But that’s what makes the game fun. Having to run through Sector 3 while your health is fading provided a real challenge to the game! The boss fights were actually fun! There was definitely classic backtracking when you want to snag that extra pickup.

    Overall, it’s not my favorite Metroid title (I like Prime 1) but it was a great addition to the series. If you are a Metroid fan, do yourself a favor and pick up this game.

    • Randomgamerdude

      Technically all games are turning characters into two things:
      1) stereotypes
      2) selfish brats
      This keeps the comedy in games as opposed to it being one giant soap opera.
      Take Spectrobes Origins, a goo game, and they use comedy to fill the gaps between action and drama. I quote:
      Jado: “…I cannot be defeated. I am the darkness that surrounds every light, the evil in all good. You cannot rid the world of me!”
      Rallen: “Oo, scary (sarcastic tone) come on, we saw you groveling at Krux’s feet.”
      Jado in hilarious tone of voice: “Oh, quiet! You…quiet! You nothing!

  • tubazo1989

    My quick opinion: Worth checking out. I just got done with my week long rental and I wanted to play more. That said, I only got about 4 hours into it, and it wasn’t because I was busy with Halo Reach or Blazblue:CS.

    You don’t get anything for killing enemies (no health or ammo), so I lost interest in the shooting system during my last rental day. As long as the door is locked and a group of dudes are attacking you, that is the ONLY time you NEED to fight. Story………ehhhhhh………I need more time before I give a better educated opinion, but I’ll say this: We need to listen to the story without predetermined opinions of what we believe Samus should say and do. Yes I think it was VERY stupid that I had to spend more than 15 minutes in the hot lava area without the Varia upgrade just because Adam didn’t say Samus could use it, but as it stands it’s trying to do something to a badass character we honestly don’t know a whole lot about. Lastly, it runs real smooth! I really like how Other M flows from battle animations and first person mode.

  • Tim Buchheim

    I had a lot of fun with Other M. My only real complaint is that it was a bit short. around 12 hours for the main game (With 63% completion) but there’s some fun to be had for a few more hours afterwards, going back to find all the hidden items, plus some new areas and a secret boss to get the real ending (but that boss fight was ridiculously easy after the main story bosses)

    the story isn’t the greatest, but it’s not bad. I enjoyed it. The voice acting is pretty bad (but to be fair, this is Nintendo’s first fully voiced game), and the dialog was pretty awkward in spots (bad translation, I assume) but not bad enough to put me off entirely.

    The controls take a little while to get used to, but I think they work quite well, once you figure out how the game’s meant to be played. I think a lot of people struggle with the controls because they’re trying to play it as if it were a different game.

    The graphics aren’t the best on the Wii, but they’re servicable. Same story on the music.

  • Jim

    It’s not a bad game. Rough in spots, but that’s to be expected from Team Ninja. I don’t like having to switch to first person to fire missiles. You can’t move in first person at all… It would be a nice option. I’d say wait for a price drop, but Nintendo almost never drops a price. $30-40 would be a fair price for the experience. I was lucky enough to get the Best Buy ad/magazine in the mail with a $20 coupon.

  • Drake

    It’s mostly boring, really. The game tries to be a Ninja Gaiden or God of War (but with GUNS!) in its combat, but the fact that the controls are rather horribad and the fights are really quite repetitive (having to finish everything with a “cool” finisher for the whole first half of the game ends up making you get fed up with them) makes it fall flat. There is basically no music except for boss battles – yes, a Metroid game almost without music, what the fucking fuck. Were did the times with Maridia’s theme go? The fact that you need to press the lock-on button to move in first person ends up with a lot of accidental locking on to everything except your actual target. Etcetera, etcetera.

    And that’s without even getting into the storyline, which is its own shade of stupid.

    In truth, the only part I’d really say is cool are the bosses. It’s really a game I’d suggest just renting. It’s only six hours long, it’s really not stellar, and it’s not got a lot of replay value.

  • Sean

    The game play is fun though the power ups you find seem like you don’t need them. But the story of whats going on is generic space story 101. Voice acting is horrible and the reason for her not using all her weapons from the start is as well. How she is portrayed in the game is bad. Hell she sees Riply who she killed in Super Metroid and she freezes. NO. SHE ALREADY KILLED THE DAMN THING B4 SHE WOULD NOT FREAZE SEEING HIM AGAIN! oh and mild spoilers there.

  • CTParker

    Great game, plenty of action and Team ninja did a great job on their part. Though towards the end of the game you are so powerful that it is nearly impossible to do a melee, and it becomes basically just a 3rd person shooter. But still a great game, the bosses are insane and the visuals couldn’t be any better for the Wii, The only real drawback is that for a Team Ninja game it is rather easy, and the hard mode is more of a cop-out, all they did was get rid of all the power ups and make the enemies do more damage. You still do just as much damage so the end still gets kinda dull when you are so powerful that you cant leave enough health or jump on them to do any melees. But I would still give it an 8/10. Deffinatley worth getting, though its so short and story-based that it has virtually no replay value, you could probably already get it secondhand.

  • Maga

    I’m not 100% done yet, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. If I had to lodge any complaints, it would be with the lack of detailed scanning you could get with Prime, and with the “find the pixel” segments.
    Graphics and music were what they needed to be. The game didn’t need gritty realism and a symphony orchestra. The unnerving quiet was actually a very nice effect in the phases of the game where common enemies could absolutely kick your ass.
    Gameplay was delightfully smooth. The transition to FPS mode was fast, and if you were holding 2 instead of A when you did it, you didn’t lose a charge (which was nice, let me cheat a bit on Super Missiles), and while I had trouble with the waggle control for dodging in first person, the game still responded to the Control Pad. Movement could be written off as a bit choppy, but you went fast and had to jump a lot, so it didn’t really bother me.
    As for the plot, we’re looking at a character who’s almost never shown personality in her games before forced to face multiple segments of the past she tried to leave behind while in a state of shock. The PTSD made sense to me, all things considered, and the irrationality of Adam’s authorization of power ups made me laugh. Sure, there was little rhyme or reason to it, but there’s nothing like running out of an erupting volcano, watching the lava cascade behind you, and THEN being told “Oh, by the way, you’re clear to run the heatproof feature.”
    Lastly, bosses were pretty. Mini-bosses were the hardest, IMO. The big, cinematic ones always left me with time to regen. The real challenge in the game for me was getting worn down by common enemies. I found most of the bosses quite manageable, but cinematic enough that none of the epic feel of a boss battle was left out.
    All-in-all, I think my money was well-spent, and Metroid fans should certainly find some level of enjoyment.

    And on a more important note, that comic is hot ^^

  • Karuil

    I would disagree with the folks saying that Samus talks too much or isn’t butch enough. The Huntress finally getting some spoken dialog and monolog is something I’d been dying for, and the actress Nintendo got was perfect for the role. I admit it felt too short, but it was an epic story, IMO. Worth Getting!

  • Mattias

    Bad voice-acting, mediocre story, Annoying moments like everyone mentioned before in the scanning mode, stupid way to strip her of all her powerups.
    What makes it worth to check out though is the really fun gameplay and awesome bosses. I would have preferred using a nunchuck but the controls was fine.

  • Pepe

    Since I loved Metroid: Fusion’s monologues, I’m really enjoying Other M : P

    Also, really feels desolated….

  • Meroidguy

    The games utterly fantastic in every regard.

    A true return to form for the series after the deviationt hat was the prime series.

    And honestly, I never thought the prime series was so much of a deviation (I thought it was the closest you could possibly get in 3d) until other M brought the EXACT play of the 2d metroids into 3d.

    The digital controls are sharp fast and completely consistant, giving controls the likes of which I havent had since, well, gaming went 3d. I can do the kind of crap I used to do in games like Megaman, 2d marios, or well, the 2d metroids. The kind of sharp platforming that puts even the best controlled 3d platformers with analog sticks to complete and absolute shame.

    Combats a blast, and has a fantastic create your own combo system. One of my favourites is jumping through an attack, like a bullet spray, over the baddies head, firing in mid air, going back into a spin jump, jumping off the wall, landing on the head, jamming the arm canon against its skull, firing a point blank fully charged shot, the force of which blows samus back into the air, pointing at the screen (Which gives a cool bullet time bonus…) and firing a missile and blowing its purple/green/orange/ whatever fruit juicy alien colored guts they have all over the visor…. All before touching the ground.

    Bosses are back to being classic metroid epic arcade battlefests, thank god. I loved the primes, but man, every release the bosses got less and less fights and more and more rinse and repeat puzzles.

    Speaking of puzzles, thats another thing the primes put into metroid that were never really a part of the series that began to get a little overbearing. I loved the spider ball tower in the first one…. But by the end of the trilogy you couldnt go anywhere without a time consuming puzzle in your way. Thats all gone in other M. The ‘puzzles’ are back to the way they have always been. Finding out how to traverse the environment using your powerups to get to that suspicious spot.

    The cutscenes are top notch, and the action ones are visually entertaining enough to watch over again. The story ones and background ones and monolouge ones are interesting enough, But Im glad I can skip them on my second runt through, I love games like that. I dont care HOW much I love the story, sometimes, I just want to run through the game.

    The stoy continues the characterization provided for samus back in 2003 with the comic book that launched as a promo for metroid fusion.

    Metroid fans who actually liked the series enough to seek out the story as it developed all seem pleased.

    Mainstream players who claim to be ‘huge metroid fans’ are pooping in their hands and throwing it. Typically erroneously blaming team ninja for ruining the story, completely unaware that series creator Yoshio Sakamoto ‘ruined’ the story nearly a decade ago. At least blame the right guy and uh, time period folks. Makes one wonder if this would have changed if team ninjas involvement was never announced and remained unknown until the credits rolled.

    Ironically They are still clamoring for VA in Zelda. I think I can see confused and pissed off Nintendo execs ripping out their hair in frustration. hose poor bald Japanese men.

    • Your Tears Feed My Strength

      “Ironically They are still clamoring for VA in Zelda. I think I can see confused and pissed off Nintendo execs ripping out their hair in frustration. hose poor bald Japanese men.”

      I don’t see why people aren’t clammoring; VA just adds more oomph and character to.. well… the characters. I imagine the only reason they’ve never added any VA until now to a Nintendo title is simply because it costs more to make. And Nintendo’s been all about the $$$.

  • DuckInADungeon

    Seems like its already been talked about to death, and i doubt you’ll want to read every one of these different posts, but i feel i must throw my two cents in there just to be fair. And i hope do a good job of representing the good and bad aspects of the game.

    First off the story is pretty decent, and while awkward at times, does a good job overall of trying to bring together the classic metroid stuff (manga/comics/games) and keep the story fresh and new. basically its trying to bring it to the new generation of players (those who’ve never played any of the original NES/game boy/SNES stuff or explored the content outside the games)…. and try to give a little bit of background into samus (from the manga) along the way

    But one cannot mention plot with out mentioning the cut scenes and voice acting as well…
    Unfortunately the dialog either lost something in translation or didn’t quite have it to begin with, while i will agree that the voice actors they have are decent enough the emotion they put into it is lacking at best, it feels like a phoned in job and the hooky dialog had me rolling around the floor laughing or wanting to be able to skip the long scenes that they have inter-spaced throughout. (but i’m a fan and a patient gamer when trying to judge a game so while my friends sitting with me were making fun of the whole thing i sat though, and by the time the plot actually starts developing you’ll be hooked enough to overlook the fact that dialog is a little off)

    However, the redeeming fact for this is that they do a beautiful job on the graphics (the cut scenes are gorgeous) and while in first person mode it seems a little lacking in depth and detail being in the third person mode gives you nice full corridors where you can just catch sight of something looming off ‘stage’ and nicely captures the multitude of smaller enemies you face running from location to location. And the way the bad guys change over time (to try and offset a little bit your overpowering weapons) is a really nice touch, however they’re usually so small and you kill them so fast that other then noticing they’ve been giving a color change you don’t catch much else from they’re new looks. It also needs to be mentioned the spot the pixel sections are the worst part of this game because it usually gives no indication of what your looking for, has points that you need to put your cursor over that almost feel too small, and doesn’t tell you you’ve got it until you’ve either perfectly placed it onto of the point or hover over it for a few seconds. be prepared to be frustrated while you slowly (5-10 min) comb though a full 360 degree view looking for the single spot that will move you forward.

    Unfortunately, for me this goes hand and hand with the stationary camera. Sometimes when you need to backtrack or looking for that special entrance to get the power up/next area the stationary camera is just a pain (causing you to develop the strategy of shoot first look later when running around) or having to awkwardly stand around in first person mode shooting while you try to spot your next step.

    finally as for game play i agree, the controls feel a little wonky at first, but after awhile (and getting the space jump/screw atk) its becomes much easier to play, however with the more powerful guns it sometimes feels like your running and gunning to get between boss battles without much pause, and while its a little frustrating at first to only be able to stand still when it first person mode it quickly becomes necessary to use when taking down the bosses, so you adjust fast. speaking of, i found myself only dying once on any boss if that, they’re moves are predictable, and the doge minouver (sp? also should add this tactic works against any normal enemy) makes it so if you just keep tapping a directional button when being atked you will essentially be invincible (think of the ‘perfect’ block ability from ‘ninja gaiden’ (sp?)) along with it giving you full power if you holding down your charge button it almost feels like most of the bigger battles are reflexive rather then active. and finally in game play while the points at which you ‘unlock’ new abilities (weapons ect.) feels a little odd, the whole getting permission from adam was an interesting change for me because instead of having her suit get damaged in an odd way at the beginning of the game you technically have all your abilities from the start (i.e. as Samus should be; she’s a total bad ass)

    So if you want to explore this new style of game and are willing to be patient with it despite its minor downfalls, you should pick it up (although i agree with the earlier post that it should have a lower price tag but its hard to find decent pricing in any game now a-days) but really i feel like (or at least hope) this is just the first step into making a REALLY good Metriod game for the wii
    If you just want the joy of samus games and have a passion for fps, the wii remake of the prime series (all three on one disk) is a good way to go (being able to aim with the wii mote instead of having to use a joy stick is fun and innovative (compared to most other console fps) and having the nun-chuck for movement makes it a lot easier to get into then the sidewise wii mote for ‘other m’)…
    Otherwise, if you want a throw back to the classic platformer feel any of the GBA games are good.
    I personally would recomend you stay away from metriod hunters for the DS, a early experimental game for the ds, which they did a few of, trying to figure out how to fully use the ds touch screen and d-pad at the same time(if you wanted to see a really good game that does that decently well is ‘the world ends with you’ DS) its ok but nothing great

    So, given all these factors it no wonder that the grades are so wildly different from each other, it seems like so far no one has told you not to pick it up, but depending on what parts of a game you enjoy it can detract from your overall experience. (and possibly make you put down the game *gasp*)

    and completely unrelated to the rest of my long long post… i really like your webcomic!