Something Old, Something New [ COMIC ]

I felt having coffee with Jeremy was a better option than showing the teenage years.

Before we get back to the regular post, I want to mention that is offering a bunch of new stuff to take a look at. There’s some new prints and they finally have a very limited amount of the Free Hugs/Surprise Buttsecks shirts available, as well. But the big thing in my opinion is the custom digital sketch.

For only $9.95, you will receive a custom digital sketch (sketch probably is the wrong term since it will be a lot cleaner than just a typical pencil sketch) via email done by yours truly. The sketch can be of any single character that you want with only a few minor rules that are listed on it’s page itself. The final sketch will be 6″ x 6″ at 300dpi or 1800px by 1800px. Definitely suitable for printing. And this is a very limited thing. Depending on how well it goes depends on how long it’s up there. So, I recommend acting soon if you’re interested in this.

With that said, I thank you and return you to your regularly scheduled comic post already in progress…

I believe I have hit the point in my life where I don’t believe most mainstream video games are being designed for me anymore. Not because they’re over my head or I can’t handle the challenge anymore. No, because it’s just not what kind of games I enjoy.

As technology gave way for more and more realism in video games, developers decided to create more and more realistic games. The problem is, at least for me, I enjoyed the bizarre humor, cartoonish characters and overall quirkiness that used to be more prominent in mainstream video games of yesteryear. Now I’m finding that the games that cater more to my own interests are found in other countries (mainly Japan) or through indie developers. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But… I’m not fluent in Japanese and most indie developers don’t have the time, money nor resources necessary to take their ideas to the next level.

Now I’m not saying to change the market for me, that’s ridiculous. I’m just saying that it’s weird to feel like an outsider to something that’s been such a large part of your life growing up.

Needless to say, I am still very excited about Dead Rising 2. But I kinda think even that game, as well, is teetering on the edge of what one would classify as being a “mainstream” title.