Something Old, Something New [ COMIC ]

I felt having coffee with Jeremy was a better option than showing the teenage years.

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With that said, I thank you and return you to your regularly scheduled comic post already in progress…

I believe I have hit the point in my life where I don’t believe most mainstream video games are being designed for me anymore. Not because they’re over my head or I can’t handle the challenge anymore. No, because it’s just not what kind of games I enjoy.

As technology gave way for more and more realism in video games, developers decided to create more and more realistic games. The problem is, at least for me, I enjoyed the bizarre humor, cartoonish characters and overall quirkiness that used to be more prominent in mainstream video games of yesteryear. Now I’m finding that the games that cater more to my own interests are found in other countries (mainly Japan) or through indie developers. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But… I’m not fluent in Japanese and most indie developers don’t have the time, money nor resources necessary to take their ideas to the next level.

Now I’m not saying to change the market for me, that’s ridiculous. I’m just saying that it’s weird to feel like an outsider to something that’s been such a large part of your life growing up.

Needless to say, I am still very excited about Dead Rising 2. But I kinda think even that game, as well, is teetering on the edge of what one would classify as being a “mainstream” title.


  • David Herbert

    Yeah, nobody wants to see that kind of punchline. Unless it’s a lady.

  • Nuckel

    Definitely a true word. These days you almost cannot tell the difference between one GTA clone and the other or see Gears like shooters everywhere as they all head into one single direction and are whether unique nore innovative. Today if I happen to experience fine artistic gaming then those usually are flash games on certain online portals or small indie stuff downloadable on Xbox Live etc… I don’t know if the market will ever go back to old values, I would sure welcome it.

    • Trent

      Thats complete horseshit. 20 years ago you couldn’t tell the difference between one vague platformer and another. And if you did, the characters had absolutely no depth or characteristics, rendering said difference completely moot.

      Gaming has always been hit by trends. It always has, and it always will – anyone who says different can’t pry nostalgia goggles off.

      And I’d like to see what part of something like Split/Second comes under realism.

      • Nuckel

        A. I didn’t say there are absolutely no modern games that are in some way positively outstanding from the masses. I was just giving my oppinion of what I think is the biggest impression when looking at all the mainstream developing that gave us for example those in a way horrible NFS Underground series and endless WW2 shooters to name just two major elements…

        B. I was not reffering to the late 70s and stuff where we really didn’t have much more than moving blocks but to the 90s market with the upcomming SNES and Co which indeed allowed for rich graphics and then transitioning into the first 3D consoles with all new gameplay and opportunities. Back then the videogame market was way more appealing and the games were artistic and inspiring. Since then things have changed for sure.

        • Trent

          Yeah, and I was talking about 20 years ago – which was the 90’s, in case you haven’t seen a calender. Where the platformers played the goddamn same and the characters had the depth of a Keanu Reeves character, but less natural. Take off the goddamn nostalgia goggles.

          • Nuckel

            Trent, it doesn’t even look like you are trying to understand what I am saying nor do you seem to have any real practical experience with devices before 3D. Considering that and the fact that you don’t feel the need to contribute constructively to this discussion, I will leave it at that. Have a good day.

        • Jakk Frost

          Honestly Trent doesn’t even seem to a lubed grasp, let alone a firm one (see what I did there?)… on the chronology of games that is.

          Trent, young as you apparently are, I realize you have yet to appreciate that there is actually a difference between 20 years and 30 years. Pac-Man was 30 years ago, and that’s the style of game you’re describing. Even then there’s a huge difference between Pac-Man (1980) and Super Mario Bros. (1983), and a FAR bigger difference between those and Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Lets not forget Final Fantasy 7 (1994), perhaps one of the most popular games of all time, even to this day.

          And in case you intend to say “That’s not 20 years ago, that’s 16”, let’s not forget you’re own words, “Yeah, and I was talking about 20 years ago – which was the 90′s, in case you haven’t seen a calender.” Since, by your math, the whole 90’s decade occurred 20 years ago, I feel justified in mentioning FF7.

          You’re obviously one of those youngsters who thinks “graphics or gtfo!”. One thing you’ll learn as you start to mature, apart from noticing that girls don’t actually have cooties, is that if a game is no fun to play and has no replay value, the best graphics in the world don’t mean shit.

        • Trent

          My Megadrive would tell you to shut the fuck up.

          I’m saying very very clearly that there is way less fucking difference between games of the early 90’s than your nostalgia allows you to see. Variability was minimal among platformers or beat em ups, with the abilities, objectives and enemies following the same basic archetypes, the AI making them play exactly the fucking same. And then of course there’s that there was abso-fucking-lutely zero effort in story or character depth.

          And don’t fucking say I’m confusing the periods and generations again, you condescending prick.

  • Static

    Clip on ties ftw!

  • Purple Materia

    I lol’d at the end. Really hard. Cause I can relate. >_>

  • bidoopoo

    Ah, true nerd pain.

    And by “nerd pain” I mean excessive willie chafing due to overuse.

  • UndeadLex

    I can relate to the simplistic, cartoony, bounciness.
    One of the things that keep me coming back to Dueling Analogs.

    I do fine I have more games that don’t look realistic that I play the holy hell out of.
    Team Fortress 2, Recettear, Fable, Windwaker (ftw), and yet some titles that I have, I played, and then… meh.
    Red Dead Redemption, played it, then it’s just sitting there.
    Oblivion, same thing.
    I think Mass Effect is the huge exception.

  • Josh

    I see a trend in these comics Steve. Masturbation.


    the uggly true

  • Peekaboo

    The clip-on tie is what sells this comic. To me anyway. And you can’t rip a webcomic for too many masturbation jokes. Masturbation is always funny.

  • everglayde

    I have to agree with ya Steve- i too find myself missing the old games…
    Yes i still play a lot of the new ones but don’t find myself as “excited” about them and find it easy to pause and sleep- but the old style would keep me awake for hours…
    new graphics are awesome but i miss the humor mostly i think…

  • Angelson

    Aw man. I’m too young to get the full meaning of gaming during the 90’s. Hell, I’m to young to remember the 90’s at all that well. But I will say this, as a wii owner, I often play the hell out of virtual console games but most of the new age games I buy, I beat them once and then put them away. Notable exceptions are most things Mario related, various fairly obscure games from japan, the third party games that don’t suck like Little King’s Story and Red Steel 2, and the mega powers of gaming w/online support like COD.

    clip-on tie ftw

  • Awesome66

    I never really grew up in the 90s or before that. But as a kid, I found much entertainment in the ol NES and SNES while all the other kids were onto the PSX already. So ive always seemed to be one gaming generation behind everyone or somtn like that. But i know the feeling of reminiscing over those old 8bit and 16bit erra games. i will say though, MGS is definatly somthn that seems to keep getting better. I still like the one for the PSX the best though =)

  • Bruno

    It isn’t just the 1st person clone era that is slowly turning me off video games, it’s the “innovation” put into once-brilliant games. For example, I’ve always been an avid RPG fan, for many reasons. The SNES and PS1 era was indisputably (you can dispute it, but you’re already wrong) the golden era for these games. Epic stories, epic characters, full worlds and complete control of your party. Nowadays, most RPGs have lackluster stories, extremely polarized characters, a gigantic tunnel of areas and AI-controlled/auto-everything. It’s rare to see something on the level of these games nowadays. Not that there isn’t a decent collection of games from the modern era that I subscribe to, but the market as a whole is churning out complete crap.

  • Mr Rigamortis

    I started playing video games when I was a youngster (mid 90’s). I did notice something: the trend of the late 80’s- early 90’s were side scrolling platformers. When the PSX and the Nintendo 64 came out, 3D platforming games were all the rage. PS2/XBOX/Gamecube was finally where the FPS started to hit the market HARD (Goldeneye and other titles came before it, but this era was when FPS games exploded in popularity). Now we are somewhere in a transition between FPS and Open-world games. It’s all about transition.

    Another thing to consider is the media progression from the birth of video games to now. Since the internet, other technological advancements and the overwhelming popularity in today’s art, media in general (video games, music, movies, etc.) has been easier to access, and more jobs are in the industry due to high demand (as far as video games go, anyway). The more artists/games are available, the more repetitive they will seem. Think about how many games came out for earlier systems, and how many are accessible for today’s consoles (and computers).

    I am not arguing that games feel more and more bland, but it is important to understand that accessibility to information and the popularity of the gaming industry have played a huge role toward quantity and quality.

  • I can honestly say I feel the same way; in old days, one could always look forward to what the future held, for you believed it would only make gaming better and more exciting. However, as we find ourselves upon that time, we look more onto the games of those days and cherish our nostalgia. I’ve never been one to care about graphics; I would be as happy with an 8-bit game as I would a 3D game. But I’ve always been attached to the wild, cartoonish style that games held. It’s likely why games like Kingdom Hearts, which attempt to keep that style in gaming, are so appealing to me.

    The part on indie gaming rings even truer, speaking as one who has been trying to build games for people to play. Lacking the ability to cover all aspects of a game is frustrating; I find myself infuriated at an inability to continue what I start, since what I have in programming skills I lack in graphic design. I can make the game, but I cannot show it. It’s a sad state of affairs, for indie games often carry with them the old feeling of gaming.

  • Ejigantor

    I had more fun last month playing Super Mario World on the SNES for the thousand-something-eth time than I did playing Halo 3 for the first time.

    I played GTA4 long enough to unlock the third island, but stopped because I wasn’t having any fun. I’m currently playing San Andreas again and loving it.

    It’s not just nostalgia, I seem to prefer older games I never played to new ones- I think I played Bionic Commando for about 20 minutes on an emulator when I was in 10th grade, but I absolutely loved ReArmed when it came through the XBLA – I liked it so much I picked up the current gen Bionic Commando ($12 new on sale at gamestop one week) which I never went back to after playing for a couple of hours.

    The key factor for me seems to be, do I have fun playing it- and I seem to be finding a lot more fun games in the XBLA, either old ports or new hotness, than I do on retail shelves.

  • corpsegirly

    I appreciate your comics. While major labels aren’t doing much innovation, there is nothing wrong with indie games, especially finished ones. I think there needs to be more support for indie games over the net and new sales models.

    Also, masturbation is going to be outlawed so joke while you can. (joke)

  • Pepe

    Those are exactly my thoughts, glad to know I’m not alone : P

    PS: The most interesting thing is that I do agree that the Wii doesn’t have that many good games out there, but the only games I want to play on this generation are exactly those that are on the Wii °___°

  • Fingers_McNasty

    Old games (like has been said) I tend to not like as much any more, it feels like a proper step backwards. But You’re right about things trying to out-real each-other. The best time for a meeting between ingenuity and graphical ability was when Rare still knew what was going on :D

    I still find myself going on arcade websites trying peoples flash games than turning on my 360

    • corpsegirly

      I do that as well. There are lots of fun web based games besides flash games but flash dominates. Still lots of good games out there that aren’t corporate.

  • kharnes

    somehow i feel the same way, but now were i,m a just becomed adult, really dont miss the old games. expect for some great ones, like sonic the hedgehog, or mario, and starfox.