How It Really Happened: PAC-MAN [ COMIC ]

It’s been almost a year since I created the first “How It Really Happened.” Still not sure if this can be considered an ongoing gimmick yet, since as of today there are only two of them. But I do already have another two mapped out, so maybe it will be one one day.

In the previous installment, I went on a pretty long diatribe about the creative process. But since I’ve been working on this comic for the past seven hours now, I will just point out my two favorite parts of the comic and call it a day. One, Pac-Man not being the good guy. And two, the necklaces they wear. And with that note, it’s a day.


  • You know, interestingly, the silhouettes of the two cops, especially in the final frames, look like Mario and Luigi. Intentional?

    • No, not intentional. But now that you mention it I can see it, as well.

      • Shawnt525

        I thought the same thing when I saw the comic. Mostly just the left cop, can’t see much of the right cop.

  • David Herbert

    Pac Man is one creepy mother fucker.

  • Xypher

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    The one thing I don’t get is why are there so many “Pac-Mans” I didn’t think they had infinite lives etc ?

    • No, but it explains his extra lives. Besides, having just one or two extra PAC-MANs wouldn’t really be that scary.

  • Mackan

    Get in to the new year with the rest of us, its 2011 mate ;)

    • Doot

      Check earlier comics. Notice how it says 2011?

      This means either this one was premade or he simply made a mistake.


  • Doot

    So… Pacman=Zombie with a hive-mind?

  • BigLord

    What about the fruit? The power pills?

    Your last “How it really happened” had a lot more references :(

    But I still chuckled heartly at this one. And then I was creeped out.

    • Virlunae

      How did the last one have more references? There was “Another Castle” and “A New Quest”, and the names of Mario and Peach (Bowser didn’t even get called by name!). This one has the names of the ghosts, that they even are ghosts, the wakka-wakka reference (wacko-wacko here), the explanation for ‘extra lives’, and they’re all wearing eyeball necklaces (reference to what the ghosts become when you kill them), as well as that the place that they’re in is a veritable labyrinth (nice comparison between Pacman and the minotaur, btw.)

      I much prefer this one to the last one, a lot more detail. I would love to see more in this vein!

      • DracoDeVis

        Don’t forget that they are cops, and ghosts are blue when you kill them.

  • I LOVED the last one and LOVE this one. I hope you don’t actually think of this as a gimmick as I personally would love to see more “How it really happened” comics down the line!

  • Perceptor

    The necklace of eyes and the cop named “Clyde” were a nice touch.

    This reminded me of the part of Sin City with that yellow guy.

  • Mouser

    Wacko wacko wacko
    wakka wakka wakka

    Nice touch there. I liked the build up and subtleties that led to the big reveal (I tend to read titles on comics after reading the page first). Great work and looking forward to seeing your next How it Really Happened.

  • Kit

    AAAWWWW SHIT! I just got the wacko wacko wacko, wakka wakka wakka reference! You sir, win one internet!

  • Randomgamerdude

    That….is a great concept for a horror flick.

  • First time I’ve posted, but I was incredibly impressed with this comic. Nice job. Probably one of the top 5 you’ve ever done.

  • bidoopoo

    Steve was it your intention to give me a case of the skeeving creeps? Bacause if so, mission accomplished.

  • Iceholder

    The worst part is…… WHY doesn’t Pacman wanna eat eyes?!

  • Skamando

    Wonderful comic. Very clear homage to Sin City or any number of gritty cop comics. I actually think this would be really sick as a serious concept. Just the design for the Pac-Maniacs is really cool.

    Awesome stuff.

  • Mistellen

    You also said in the last “How it really happened” that there was a Sonic Version being made too. Is that true? If so, I look forward to it!

    • When I do the next one it will be Sonic the Hedgehog. I was explaining the premise to a friend last night and he thought it was a tight.

  • Masuabie

    Long time follower, first time poster.

    Well, I do love the concept, but I would change the pac-man’s for ghosts, and make the cops pac-man. I think it makes more sense for the Pac-mans to be surrounded by the ghosts. That’s just me though.

  • Rokai

    Have you ever tought about making a real comic series, like Batman, and all that stuff? Cause this comic proves that you could create something very good. Amazing art.

    • I appreciate the compliment, but this was soooooooo rushed. With nineteen panels in the comic, I didn’t have any time to go back and fix the artwork. Especially since this took almost seven hours to complete as is.

  • Ido013

    Wow a “wacko” XD Nice job turning Pac Man’s sounds to a person~

  • dude… that was amazing! you should re-do that 2nd to last panel to make it fit with the rest, just go in with a smaller black brush and refine the silhouettes.. maybe the hands holding the guns too.

    came from kotaku, didn’t even realize this was about pacman until i got here.

  • I think… this would make an amazing movie…