Too Busy Playing Final Fantasy XIII Stick Figure Theater [ COMIC ]

Last time I created one of these I honestly was too busy. This time, well I just wanted to do a few more Final Fantasy XIII comics without taking a few weeks of your time to release them.

We’ve been talking a lot about Final Fantasy XIII here recently. Due to time constraints I’m still not at the end. I’m in chapter 10 now and from what I hear, that means I’m about half way through the game. So far the only thing that has really changed is that I’m no longer calling Hope “Mope”… Mope, hehehe…

Still waiting until the very end to pass final judgment. But as of right now I would comfortable classifying the game less as an RPG (role-playing game), or even a JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) and more as a visual novel with reader interaction.

As always, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments below.


  • Serneum

    Chapter 10 does mark the halfway point. It took me about 15 hours to get there, and then a good 5 to get to the end of Chapter 10. It’s also where I stopped because of the boss at the end of the chapter. You can only lose so many times before you just wanna cry yourself to sleep.

  • Lax

    Response : Ugh!

  • David

    So, the “twenty hours until it’s good” thing is true?

  • Pie

    comic?! gasp

  • MarkysJazz

    lol i loved it from the start! also not to nit pick but the adult chocobo should actually be saying wark rather than squaw.
    which chapter ten boss there are two, the big flying one at the end or the man himself halfway through? i know ppl struggled with himself tho i managed to take him first go with some difficulty. the flying one was more of a pain but you can nail him long as you play to the weaknesses in the datalog entry

  • tubazo1989

    “Visual novel with reader interaction.” Is a good way to identify this game, so I agree with you Steve. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get into it (I rented Heavy Rain at around the same time and I guess was…….Mopeing…… get more action instead of visual novel stuff from FFXIII). Nevertheless, I think it’s awesome that you’re holding out your opinion until the very end.

    And, while I might as well copy paste all of my previous responses, brilliant job on the comic! Each one could have been a colored-out comic throughout the next 2 weeks while we kept on talking about FFXIII, and I would have still been happy!

  • MarkysJazz

    sorry i meant to say kweh not wark. tho technically both have appeared

  • Alastor

    I would be hard pressed to call FFXIII a game, let alone a Final Fantasy. Though you’re almost to where I quit.

  • Hagalaz

    Frankly, chapter 10 isn’t the halfway mark. If you want to see the full game and do every optional thing, that’s the 10-15% mark. Good luck, and you’re about to get to the funnier parts of the game.

  • Prodigy1986

    Ahh the combat. While it didn’t bother me (I still needed to pay attention, the game kicks up a notch in the whole “if you don’t want to get raped you need to try more than just hitting x” but really it becomes a whole combat by attrition thing. You have to know what classes to have prepped, when to switch, stuff like that. It still doesn’t make the combat that much more in depth, but I didn’t really play or mind it for the combat. I thought the characters were engaging (Not the most of a final fantasy game, but they were a BIG step up from the vanilla mimics playing characters in 12) and when becoming too cliche did something (or attempted to) to break that. And yes Hope does mope, but he’s also a kid that takes it someplace very dark if you’re not a cynical person/desensitized to the morbidity of what he actually attempts. If you can play through the game this far and still not find the story or characters appealing, then I respect that. I get easily irritated that most people won’t even try or only go a few chapters in before making an judgment without having really given it a shot.

  • Infinity

    Wait….Final Fantasy XIII is a video game? I always thought it was a movie.

    • Nice ;)

      • Ryu

        “You could make similar argument for a lot of the other FFs since FF6. FF7 is just tedium filled in with bad plot and FAR worse characters (funny that Cloud gets dissed a lot in that area, but I think he’s a lot better than most of the characters, because he’s got a lot of what would make Sephiroth cool, except he’s not the most overrated, overplayed, and over-cliched villain ever to grace video games… Seriously, Sephiroth has so many traits that make actually cool guys cooler, draped over one of the worst written characters I have ever seen, which means all of that ‘cool’ stuff just makes him look like the fat guy wearing a Sailor Moon outfit. That’s not a perfect metaphor, but given that I would still rather stare at a fat guy in a Sailor suit, than see Sephiroth in any storyline, it functions).”

        “I don’t really know anything about 8.”

        “FF9 was kind of a joke, like Square lampshading Final Fantasy, not necessarily a bad game, but still not worth of FF6 (which is one of the best RPGs in history, at least in the top 20).”

        “FFX, you can easily say the same thing about FFX that you (Infinity in this case) said about FFXIII. If they had made FFX a movie, I would’ve made it to the end. I would’ve loved it, however, I had to play the crappy game in between, so I stopped.”

        “FFXI is not an FF game, it should just be World of Final Fantasy, or Final Fantasy Online or some other moniker, but it really should not have been given a number. I don’t have a problem with it, but tactics, crystal chronicles, and chocobo dungeon all got subtitles and no numbers, because they weren’t mainstream FF style games, so get the MMO out of the numbered series too.”

        “FFXII, was like MSORPG (single-player, offline, as opposed to multiplayer online, if anyone didn’t get the acronym), and that, too, was fine. However, that too, makes it aberrant in the FF timeline, definitely moreso than FFXIII.”

        “This reply kinda covers Infinity and Alastor’s comments, Final Fantasy has a lot of hype for a series in which there was one truly good game (in the numbered series, Tactics was good, too). FFXIII was the only one, other than VI, I even bothered to finish (I have watched a good portion of IX being played, and I know all of VII’s story and couldn’t stomach playing it past maybe 75% of the first disk). I might give points to FFVIII, but I got tired of turn-based before I touched FFVIII, so I don’t know.”

        • Alastor

          I’ve played (and beaten) every Final Fantasy in the series except for a small group: 11 (screw the roman numerals), the Handheld games, and 13.

          6 was a great game, better than 9, better than 12.
          7 had a fun combat system, and the story was good, even if Sephiroth and Cloud were a tad cliche.
          8 had a decent combat system, and a good story if you got past Squall being turbo-emo for literally 3/4 the game.
          9 was okay.
          10 had my favorite story, favorite characters, and the battle system, while not totally out there in the aether, worked well.
          10-2 had my favorite combat system (and not for THAT reason) and was a great way to kill time. I could ignore the story for that one simply because it was fun.
          12 had an okay story, garbage characters, and an okay battle system.

          13 had good characters (outside of Vanille… kill her ASAP). I thought Lightning was cool, Sahz was funny, and I could stand Hope (I suffered through Squall, nuff said)

          But all of the games before it had something ELSE to do while playing the game. 6 you could get more characters, 7 you could collect powerful Materia, go Chocobo racing and breeding, get more summons, get your weapons beefed up, fight some powerful monsters, go get revenge on that damn snake from before… 8 you could colect parts for your weapons, get more summons, pick up some skills for them, play that addictive card game, help some people out, explore the world… ditto for 10 and 12. 13 doesn’t have this. I’ve read the guides. What benefit is there to doing the sidequests but more EXP for the Crystarium? There’s no real tangible benefit but killing time. THAT’S my biggest problem with 13. The combat was bad, the story was slow, but I can live with that. But I expect to invest 70-100 hours in a game, and 13 is barely worth 30.

          • Hagalaz

            How about, say, beating the hard fights? You won’t do it without getting your crystarium maxed or nearly maxed. Frankly, it’s much funnier than the chocobo breeding of VII just to get KOTR and that other materia, much funnier than the cardgame and blitzball of a few others.

            To me 13 has the best combat system of any FF game so far. It requires in the hardest fights pixel-perfect planning and execution, it requires that not only you know what you’re doing but you do it with decent speed and precision. Compare the hardest fights of 13 with, say, 8. There’s no comparison, 8 didn’t have a real strategy or gameplan. You just went there and did damage. Yeah, that’s not gonna do it in 13.

            And btw, 13 isn’t worth 30 hours. 120 hours to get every single mission done and beating the hard challenges is what I’d say is ok for someone who isn’t rushing to the max. 30 barely gets you through the story. I really get annoyed at some people who like easy stuff. We finally have a FF with really demanding and imaginative fights, and people simply ignore it. Why do people do the optional parts of other FFs? Is it to get “powerful materia” or to get that in order to beat the harder fights?

            (And frankly, you LIKE lightning? >_< yuck. Aren't people tired of cliché characters already? She's what would happen if cloud had a change-sex materia. Give me Sazh, Fang and Vanille anyday over that. And mope isn't much better. Stereotype-a-lot.)

          • Alastor

            8’s hardest fight was Omega Weapon, and it wasn’t just a damage fest. If you tried to just deal damage in a normal way, you’d be dead literally in 1 turn. You had to have a constant system of Aura, Hero Drinks, and LBs going, and a quick finger on that Phoenix Down in case your Hero Drinks wore off.

            My question… what happened to the diversity of things to do for FFXIII? When I got tired of following the story:
            7: Games at Desert
            8: The card game (that was fun)
            9: Card game
            10: Blitzball (I like sports games)
            12: Mob hunts

          • Hagalaz

            Alastor, if you just want to do something for the sake of doing, you have a pc, play solitaire -_-. VOILA. You have something to do that has no more impact, just like playing the cardgame for no reason other than to spend time.

            Yes, everything in FFXIII is done because of something else in the game. Frankly, I find that _very good_. If you don’t, let’s just agree we like different games. It’s been more than 10 years since I last liked a single player game so much.

  • Manic

    As a long time fan of Final Fantasy, I feel I can say this, if you’re looking for an old school rpg in the style of the older FF’s than try Lost Odyssey. Square’s just gonna drive the series into the ground so I’m keeping my eyes on Sakaguchi’s new company Mistwalker.

    • I loved playing Blue Dragon, but Lost Odyssey I stopped about halfway through. The pace, including battles, was a little too slow for my likings.

  • Maxwell

    I have no idea what everybody is talking about since I never played any of those games
    And I have to say…I’m kind of proud of it

  • Donis

    I love seeing FF nerds raging out, specially those who like FF XIII. I love how “FF VI is teh best evaaarr!!!” is the new “FF VII is the game of the century!”, while those who dish those comments out don’t realize that when they bash FF VII cliche’s and emo rate, they’re pretty much already bashing FF VI. I love how people completely despise FF XI even tough it’s the closest thing to FF I ever since FF III, or V. Speaking of which, I love how people started to count the series from VI, when I’d rather play I, III or V any time of the day.

    But the new thing about this, which I’m starting to love, is the “FF XIII battle system is for PROS! SPEED, ACTION! WAAAH! ALL THE OTHER BATTLE SYSTEMS SUCK!”. I should elaborate on each of those points, but I guess those familiars with the genre and the series pretty much already know what I meant.

    • Donis

      Excuse any typos, it’s early morning for heaven’s sake.