Anger Management [ COMIC ]

Holy crap! As of typing this Angry Birds in actually not the top app in the iPhone store. Saints be praised. Thank you, Baby Jesus.

Seriously though, shouldn’t everyone out there already have a copy of Angry Birds for their iPhone, or any other compatible mobile device, by now. Who are the people who still need to buy it? Was the 99¢ price tag a little too high? Hoping it would drop a bit?

In a slightly related turn of events, I think my love affair with the iPhone games has come to an end. Haven’t bought one in a while. I’ve migrated back to the consoles and handhelds. Though not really into any of the recent titles at the present time. Odin Sphere is what’s residing in my PS3 at the moment. I’m on the Pooka Prince’s epilogue.


  • Daniel

    The reply of “They weren’t unfertilized.” seemingly contradicts the reply in the following panel that says “The eggs they stole were unfertilized.”

  • David Herbert

    But I bet those pigs were yummy.

    • anurag

      david , i agree with you , lol

  • I agree about iPhone games. There are a couple I have that I’ll occasionally play, but they don’t have any lasting appeal for me any more. 3DS, PC, PS3 all the way at the moment.

    Still got love for Angry Birds, though. My mother-in-law is obsessed with it, which is somewhat funny to witness.

  • Alexie_dennison

    ODIN SPHERE <3<3<3 I am upto Mercedes Epilouge and that was 2 years ago, I really need to finish playing it, I just re-set up my Ps2 So I may be encouraged to play it more now…

    • BigLord

      *notices avatar*

      Giana sisters :D you deserve an award for having that avatar.

  • The Peebs

    Angry Birds is free on Android :D

    • BigLord

      And for the Chrome Web Store.

  • TecXero

    I still haven’t bought Angry Birds nor do I plan to. I just didn’t draw me in. Still haven’t found a puzzle game I like better than my original GB Tetris.

  • nicktwolf

    I got it for my psp but I think charging 3.99 while other devices have it for less is crossing the line. It’s fun only for awhile.

  • My husband and I tag teamed Odin Sphere a few years ago. The plant/recipe/potion idea was great, but it got a little overwhelming at times, especially with the Pooka Prince. When one of us got tired of the millionth fire bomb, we’d switch. The replayable scenes were perfect; sometimes I want to watch the scenes to see the story again.

  • mrboots

    I was close to the end of the Pooka Prince’s story when I decided to play Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when a few hours into it i decided to save and reload the next morning and game says cant find save file, so i start a new game, save/quit, pick up later that day only to find out MEMORY CARD DATA CORRUPTED! MUST FORMAT MEMORY CARD! To say I was upset/angry/dismayed/pissed/etc. would be an understatement. I lost EVERYTHING from .hack// all the way to WildARMS in my RPG gaming library. Including two racing games of Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge. :'( all that hard work gone, my computer tech friend couldn’t even recover the stuff on my mem card. /sad

  • Nuckel

    It’s funny how… No, wait. It’s sad how people like me who do not intend to replace their fine working cellphones with one of those newage-good-for-nothing-smart phone devices seem to be completely forgotten. Is that really what the market looks like to you guys?

    • How are they good for nothing? I use mine in place of a planner because I never write anything down. Instead I have iProcrastinate Mobile, which allows me to put in assignments for school or even things I need to do in everyday life and then it alerts me when things are due. I can also upload my files to Dropbox and view them on my phone if I need to quickly glance at a document. When I’m at one job and I receive urgent emails from my other job, I can respond and do tech support on the fly. I know old phones can do some of these things, but most of it is extremely inconvenient and slow.

      And no, this isn’t how I see the market. I don’t buy a phone just for a singular application. I buy a phone for how it will assist me in day-to-day life.

      • Sheepman

        I’m with Nuckel… Smartphones are cool, but I can’t justify the cost. $200 for the phone, -plus- $40 per month for a data plan I will use rarely if ever? The best I can hope for is that I get addicted to yet another source of information flow to distract me from my day-to-day life, and everything I have is already doing that.

        The ability to look at documents, or schedule alarms for due dates is cool… But the first, I take a netbook if I think I’ll need it, and the second is only marginally more difficult to do on my two year old non-smart phone than it would be on an iPhone. Maybe easier; I just have to tap down, then look for the date and enter the information and I’m done.

      • Nuckel

        Serneum, I think you are one of the very few people who do succefully use their smartphone as a PDA equivalent. That’s cool. However every other smartphone user I have seen so far uses his device as if it just were some really expensive toy. They mainly use it as a handheld for flash(-style) games, mobile Instant messenger, budget quality photo camera… and at last as a phone. K, webbrowising is another addition but in their cases the main purpose of that device is not handling work tasks but entertainment and fancy time killing.
        Then again I guess none of those people have ever used a real PDA before and don’t know what comfy work flow they are missing when it comes to file handling, hand writing, ect… They probably don’t need PDA or a smartphone in first place but fact is; they spent a good portion of their money for the latter.

  • Jack C.

    hehe thats a game for the stupid facebook/videogameconsole generation. xD

  • Zeroman

    I don’t have Angry Birds. I don’t have any mobile device that can play it