Gaming is Dead, Long Live Gaming! [ COMIC ]

The past weekend at the South by Southwest Interactive conference Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio Mobile and creator of the popular mobile game Angry Birds, announce that console games are dying [1]. Now as a console gamer, I just have to scratch my head and say, “huh?”

Then afterward, on the official Rovio Twitter feed they claimed that Vesterbacka’s comments were taken out of context and that he was talking about the death of physical media in favor of digital downloads. [2]. To which I call, “Shenanigans.” That’s just a bunch of back-peddling PR bull.

Look. I’m not saying that the market isn’t changing. Since people now have the ability to play games on Facebook or the various mobile devices, it’s an all new playing field. But neither of these additions are the final nail in console gaming’s coffin. You see a lot of the people are are using their phones or various social networks to game are people who would have otherwise not gamed any other way prior. So they’re not really robbing Peter to pay Paul, they’re just inviting more people to the party.

Consoles gaming still hold a very strong position if the gaming world’s infrastructure. Remember, not everyone wants to play games on their computer or one of the various handheld devices. A lot of use still just want sit our lazy butts down on the couch and play games the old fashion way on their big HDTVs. I know I do.

And as always, your input in the discussion is greatly appreciated.