Hypocritic Oaf [ COMIC ]

To say that I don’t actually play video games is definitely a stretch. To say I don’t play a lot of video games anymore is much closer to the truth. But most of the time it feels like the prior.

Six years ago, when I first started Dueling Analogs, I had a lot less responsibilities in my life and a lot more free time to play games. Now I feel guilty whenever I still down to watch a half-hour of television, let alone game, because I know there’s always something else I need to do. The only bright side is that I’ve finally gotten over my desire to buy games just so they can sit unopened on my shelf and taunting me endlessly to play them…That’s right, I’m talking about you Rogue Galaxy.

My philosophy is, while I can, to work as hard as possible and get some sort of financial netting so that years down the road when I can’t work as hard I can now to comfortably relax. Maybe then I’ll finally have a chance to game more, again. Maybe…