Hypocritic Oaf [ COMIC ]

To say that I don’t actually play video games is definitely a stretch. To say I don’t play a lot of video games anymore is much closer to the truth. But most of the time it feels like the prior.

Six years ago, when I first started Dueling Analogs, I had a lot less responsibilities in my life and a lot more free time to play games. Now I feel guilty whenever I still down to watch a half-hour of television, let alone game, because I know there’s always something else I need to do. The only bright side is that I’ve finally gotten over my desire to buy games just so they can sit unopened on my shelf and taunting me endlessly to play them…That’s right, I’m talking about you Rogue Galaxy.

My philosophy is, while I can, to work as hard as possible and get some sort of financial netting so that years down the road when I can’t work as hard I can now to comfortably relax. Maybe then I’ll finally have a chance to game more, again. Maybe…


  • I feel very much the same myself… I tote the mantle of a “GameMaster” and yet I’m so busy with the work being done I hardly ever have time to actually get in a good RPing session.

  • Konrad Salomon

    Rogue Galaxy is highly addictive, don’t start it if you want to use your time to do something else :)

  • Mr Gask

    I have the opposite philosophy. Thanks to socialism, there is always a financial safety net. Why would I wait until I am too old to properly enjoy life, to waste it?

    • Ryu

      “Thank to the inevitability of death and the uncertainty of its onset, I think, screw financial security. I don’t wait to do things later, I do them now and I’m ready to die when I run out of things I want to do. Why would you do it any other way?”

  • ThePeebs

    You’ve hit the head on the nail. Long before full time work and kids came a time where I’d play video games up to 8 hours/day. I had time to play guitar, even play some magic, the gathering. But now, lol, an hour of video games IF I don’t pass out on the couch around 8pm is more like it.

    Sucks to grow up.

    • Funny enough I would have uploaded the comic last night, but I passed out on the couch myself.

  • Daniel

    Why did I read the title as Hypocritic Oglaf after reading the last panel of the comic first?

  • Jean

    I hear ya, loud and clear. Love to game – it’s literally been my entire life, but as an adult I find less and less time to do so. It’s never money that’s a problem – we can afford to buy consoles and games now! It’s always time. :(

    Love your webcomic as well! :) Just discovered it today.

  • I don’t mind, honestly. The comics you make are thoughtful, funny and well-drawn. I would continue reading regardless of the theme.

  • James

    This makes me feel like crying! I used to plow through one 100-hour RPG after the other back in the good ol’ days. 8 hours of gaming a day? No problem. Now, after a day’s work and max. three hours to spare it’s “should I wedge in an hour of gaming or spend time with the wife/friends/do sports?”. Work is a total gaming killer! But I still keep buying new games. And that’s what REALLY kills me. Looking at the dozens of games I bought and never ever will have time to play. Well, there’s still retirement I guess…

    Games that I bought but have never ever played before:

    God’s Hand (PS2)
    Shadow of the Collossus (PS2)
    Okami (PS2)
    FF X-2 (PS2)
    FF XII (PS2)
    FF XIII (PS3)
    SSFIV (PS3)
    Bayonetta (PS3)
    God of War III (PS3)…oh my god! I could go on like this forever (a total of 31 untouched games)….

    • Taroni

      Bayonetta is no excuse, about two work days could beat it, do it now. You’ll enjoy it and get good laughs. Lucky me I work a screwed up schedule of two days on two days off, albeit 12 hours. so I do have some game time… yet anime like always take up more time …

      • James

        Seriously? I’ve been wanting to give Bayonetta a try for ages. It does look awesome. Unfortunately, I chose to start playing “Dante’s Inferno” (meh!) a couple of weeks ago. I managed to do so for two hours but havent had time to switch on my PS3 ever since. Dilemma…

  • Sixclaws

    The last panel.. Does it references to the oglaf webcomic?

    • No. The title Hypocritic Oaf is a merely a play on the Hippocratic Oath.

  • tallginge

    My dad used to buy me games and consoles, just so he could go to my room to spend time with me and we’d game together, upon his retirement he bought a ps3 and currently beats most of my friends at online gaming

  • ramdonperson

    I understand – 6 years ago i wouldn’t have, but now i totally do. I guess it evens out because i’m running out of free time to just read webcomics all day long. I’m going to keep up with Dueling Analogs as much as a can though, somewhere deep inside, Sonic the Hedgehog up the ass is still the funniest thing ever.

  • meto

    Full ack. I’m reading you webcomic since it started but it’s my first commenting. As a father of a nice 4 months old lady, my gaming time is currently reduced to 2h/week online play with friends at best.

  • Teldori

    I understand. When I got laid off and collected unemployment because even the local 7-11 wasn’t hiring, I had endless time to play games. When I managed to get a part time job at Target, I had less time. Now I’m working full time in my field again and Target on weekends to rebuild my savings. I have no time to game, and I’m usually asleep by 8:30PM :)

    Some of us don’t want to rely on the government for a way of life when we can’t work anymore. Long live ambition. Good job on the comic Steve.

  • Just some Guy

    That last paragraph disturbs me to no end. I hate thinking thats the kind of world we live in. But we do……I’m going to go live in a forest.

  • Natalie

    Haha, my philosophy is something along the lines of, I need to have fun NOW because if I work and work and work and save money and wait for a day when I can do things I enjoy…. I’ll either be retired by that point, or will have died in the meantime!