All The Way Across The Sky!! [ COMIC ]

What does it mean? Well… My guess is that the King of All Cosmos probably went out binge drinking again.

Today’s comic was done by the very talented artist Kelsey Wailes. Notice how I didn’t say webcomic artist? Well, Kelsey technically doesn’t have a webcomic yet, but she does do a lot twistedly awesome comics on her deviantArt pagecase in point. I only got to meet Kelsey in person for the first time recently at InterventionCon back in September, but I’ve enjoyed her work for a very long time now and it was an honor to have her comic included. You should definitely check it out.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • Falos

    Annoying trivia: Color order is reversed in second rainbows.

  • Kelsey, you totally need your own damn site!!!

    • I told her the same thing at Nekocon.

      • We should just buy her a domain and code up some shit for her. This must happen!

        • Well, she told me the real problem was a lack of time to do it. She said she might consider doing it next year though, after things calmed down.

  • Randomgamerdude

    That’s the newest power in Pocket God, epic. :)

  • kelsey

    Steve and Jamie: I’m constantly reminded of how lame I am for not having a real site. One day when I have time and or the emotional fortitude to consistently make comics, I’ll see about getting one, but realistically that’s a year or two away. :(

  • What? no link to the Double Rainbow youtube music vid? I am dissapoint.*Shakes head*