Guest Strip by Kevin Gritzke [ COMIC ]

Okay, one final guest strip (sorry Valentine). Once again, today’s comic was done by Kevin Gritzke. I really appreciate Kev lending a helping hand. So make sure to visit his flickr page and his blog to check out some more of his work.

Today is the beginning of Wilson Week. What is Wilson Week, you may be asking? Well incase you haven’t notice, I have this little donations thing on the site. And every time it reaches a certain goal, that week gets a third comic. Well, if you look at the #1 and #3 donations you can clearly see that they were both by Adam W a.k.a. Adam Wilson. With Adam’s donations, the goal was met and now this week gets a third comic. Now the reason that this is Wilson Week is one part because he donated so very much. And second part because he originally requested one game theme and then chose another with his second donation. So rather than just doing one of his requests, I decided to do both of them. And to show my appreciation I decided to call this event Wilson Week. Got it?

Thanks, Adam. And expect two new comics to come on Wednesday and Friday.