Mass Reject 2 [ COMIC ]

Special thanks to Gordon McAlpin, creator of the popular movie webcomic Multiplex and fellow Adobe Illustrator user, for contributing today’s strip to the five year anniversary. Thanks!

And while youree you’re checking out his webcomic, make sure to also check out the guest strip that I did for Multiplex last year. It has neckties!

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • deathdragon

    i like games a lot but, 6 computer screens? and it doesn’t even look like they have the same game on them(i haven’t played mass effect…any, so i can’t say for sure they aren’t the same game)

    • David

      It’s extremely hard to convince people of this but ridiculous setups like that are actually incredibly useful. I have a main screen (games, browsing, anything that I’m focusing on), a secondary screen (usually just anything I want to look at while doing something else), a ‘social’ screen (chat applications) and a viewing screen (movies and junk). They all swap and change depending on exactly what I’m doing but that’s roughly how it works out. If I could get something like an iPad (but good) that acts as a portable touch screen that’d be round everything out nicely.
      It’s like tabbed browsing. It sounds like it’s over-complicating something for no reason but it actually takes things to whole new level of usability. I’d compare it to going from keyboard and command console to a full GUI and a mouse/keyboard setup. I worked well with computers back when I only had one screen, and originally I was just trying it to see if it’d work, but now I work so much smoother and efficiently that I wouldn’t work on anything else.

      Plus it turns my computer from a lone terminal into a command center which makes me feel special. =P

      • Well, there do exists touch screen monitors. Though they are a bit on the expensive side.

  • Slothzor

    Your link to the guest comic you did is dead, though I did find the comic on the website:

    Love your work by the way; keep it up!

  • Broketoon

    haha the game on the right in the last panel is EVE-Online >.<…same with his upper left screen….playing Mass Effect and EVE…perfect combo :)

    • SparrowHawk

      He’s got WoW on two of the screens as well. Upper left and lower right. Franklin’s a recurring character in the Multiplex comics. He is rather good at multitasking with games, but sometimes he forgets other more important things.

      • MrVayne

        Actually the LR monitor is running another EVE account. The layout in the second panel actually goes
        UL: WoW (Out of date; Wrath of the Lich King login screen)
        LL: ME2 (Shepard on Normandy somewhere)
        UC: EVE (Ship control panel visible at bottom of monitor)
        LC: ME2 (Shepard in cutscene
        LR: EVE (NEOCOM menu visible on left side of screen)

        In panel 3 I *think* the top monitor is another EVE account based on general appearance but I can’t see any definite identifiers, and I’ve got no idea what the lower monitor is.

        • Broketoon

          Panel 3 top is EVE (he has his left side console area open)
          bottom looks to be WoW based on graphics and coloring…assuming the three games he is playing are WoW, EVE and ME…