Your Date is Here [ COMIC ]

So it’s official. The Japanese release date for Final Fantasy XIII is December 17th, 2009 [source]. Now if we take the release dates for Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy IX [1, 2, 3] and average them together you can estimate a release date of May 1st, 2010 here in the U.S., July 15th, 2010 in Europe (remember Japan and the US both use NTSC so it’s quicker to convert between the two that with Europe which mainly uses PAL), and Australia can expect their copies on December 21st, 2012… hopefully not after that.

As far as the comic goes, if you don’t know about “Gaijin 4Koma” a.k.a. “Reaction Guys” then you need to learn your memes.


  • emjay

    “and Australia can expect their copies on December 21st, 2012”
    Makes me RRRAAAAAGGGGEEEE! Sadly, it’s probably true.

  • The Anarchyz

    For those who know nihongo, you can import the J-game, and for those who are on the PAL regions and have an HDTV (and dominate English) you can import the US game when it comes out, HDTVs handle the same resolution and both frequencies everywhere… And PS3 version is region unlocked…

  • TheJester

    What does Harvey do in the Comic? FF XIII isn’t coming for Wii, or am I mistaken? I pray to the heavens that I am…

  • JediMB

    Converting a game from NTSC to PAL doesn’t take long at all. It’s translating it to Italian, German and whatever other languages might be required (nowadays the American versions tend to have French and Spanish options as well, yes?) that takes time, and unfortunately no one thinks it’s a good idea to release it in English-speaking territories first.

  • David

    God damn Australia always getting things months after everyone else! We’re gamers too damn it! We deserve our games on time!

  • @TheJester Getting excited about the new numbered Final Fantasy game is not limited to what console you own.

  • A.L.

    You know that was general reaction when I found when FFXII was coming.Also I never knew about the meme,you learn something new everyday.

  • @A.L. Yeah, I first saw that meme on 2ch. But most people in the west who would have seen it probably did so via 4chan. It’s understandable that a lot of “normal” people never saw it via either.

  • The Borzoi

    You should look at the more recent video game releases. Most games now get released on Tuesday in the US then on the following Friday in the UK.

    It has become easier to convert between NTSC and PAL over the years.

  • Constant Gina

    I cant wait till this hits the USA shores.

  • @The Borzoi The last game that Square-Enix released that would be similar to Final Fantasy XIII‘s release (RPG and not for a virtual console or PC) would be Star Ocean: The Last Hope. That had a Japanese release date of February 19, 2009, North America release date of February 24, 2009 and Europe release date of June 5, 2009 (almost four months behind the North America). A lot of the games that are being released nearly simultaneously don’t have as much rich content that needs to be adapted to the PAL format as Final Fantasy games do.

  • Miles Tormani

    Love how the Xbot also jumped at the sight of the date. And yeah, I reacted the same way these guys did. Partially because this is the first time I saw that news. Amazing how people can get excited over a date. Then again a lot of people would probably go nuts if Starcraft Ghost ever gets a concrete release date.

    Of course that will never happen. :<

  • You need more Gaijin 4koma comics, lol this looked sweet, man.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm, Japan also uses a PAL format… >.>
    They just like screwing with us Europeans.

  • @Anonymous Of course they do, those wacky Japanese.

  • Anonymous

    @Steve Napierski: You’re right, I was mixing up PAL/NTSC with region encoding. Thanks.

  • insanity202

    Final Fantasy XIII is going to be awesome i can hardly wait!!
    After that i’ll be looking forward to Final Fantasy Vs XIII lol

  • yanipheonu

    I guess you didn’t get the note that localization has been underway for quite a while, and the game is expected to be out in English Spring 2010.

  • @yanipheonu And GTA IV was originally suppose to come out in 2007 and Final Fantasy XIII in 2008… you see how those worked out. Over the past few years I have gotten a chance to talk to a lot of different people who work on the video games we buy. And I’ve learned that what these game companies say to the press and what they actually intend to do are not necessarily the same thing. If it does, cool. But don’t be surprised if there is an “additional” delay in the western release.