A PAX upon your house! [ COMIC ]

So there’s been a bunch of confirmed cases of the swine flu a.k.a. H1N1 a.k.a. Hamthrax reported from this year’s Penny Arcade Expo a.k.a. PAX [source]. Now to the best of my knowledge, no one from PAX has died from this. If they had, I wouldn’t be joking about it.

Now, the guys at Penny Arcade are doing their best to get the information out about what’s going on and what to do. Not sure, but I think Tycho Gabe and Kurtz might have been part of the lot that actually contracted it. Hell, if it means being able to have an excuse to take a day off, I might have contracted it as well… FROM THE INTERNET. Seriously, I’ve heard that once you get the results back of whether or not you have the swine flu you’re already feeling better. It’s like a mild to moderate case of the flu at best. Still, it does suck getting the flu.

We’re trying something new over at BigBoomBomb.com. Custom Rejected Mega Man Villains. Depending on the demand this item may be pulled from the site as early as today. I honestly have no idea how this thing will work. So if you do want one, now’s the time to act.

Lastly, I also added an article about my suggestions for new PEGI content descriptors. I thought I made some pretty good suggestions.


  • Sephiriah

    My god…Hamthrax is funny no matter how many times i see it. XD

  • Duncan

    Now, I have to believe you meant no one has died form the outbreak at PAX, asopposed to, “No one has died from H1N1”. After all, people have died form it, just as Greg Dean over at Real Life, one of his friends was taken out by Swine Flu. Either way, jokes about diseases are ALWAYS funny. Rock on.

  • My God, and here I was thinking it was a serious strip, an ad of some sort… and then I noticed Hamthrax


  • Angryrooster

    I always get the best swag at PAX, this year is no exception. Luckily my new job hasn’t started yet because I spent Monday and Tuesday just conscious enough to wander to the bathroom and back to bed. But hey, now I’m covered for when it comes back in 20 years as the next big pandemic, right?

  • gelugon2105

    The symptoms and recovery phase differs from person to person. If people attending PAX can actually attend it despite being far from home (i.e. not locals), I doubt that they are weak enough to suffer badly from H1N1. Still, it is best to send the afflicted home for home quarantine to avoid further spreading the flu. If it hits some weak person that happens to be at PAX, there may well be deaths.

    There’re no children and elderly at PAX right? The above passage does not apply to children and the elderly, who are always at greater risk from H1N1 regardless of current health.

  • mikeszekely

    I thought it was Gabe that got sick.

    From Tycho’s 9-9 post:
    “The last time I talked to Gabriel he was taking Scott to a clinic of some kind, and he suggested that I begin canvassing immediately for guest content – enough to cover an absence of unknown duration. We wrote a strip for Wednesday, but he was physically unable to raise a pen, and so I have begun to release strips from our strategic reserve.”

  • @mikeszekely That makes sense. I just read that wrong. I originally saw it as “We wrote a strip for Wednesday, but was physically unable to raise a pen…” thinking it was about Tycho. skipping over the “he” part. Nonetheless, I updated the posting accordingly.

  • Someone’s died from Hamthrax… but obviously you meant no one has died from the POX…

  • @Duncan @Chris Smedley Yes, I meant died from it at PAX. I did update the news post to reflect that.

  • A.L.

    That seriously sucks,then again at big events like that,you can’t possibly expect something like that not to happen no matter the precautions.As long as those who got ill recovered swiftly,including Gabe and Kurtz,all should be well.

    Also,Steve your idea for custom Rejected Mega Man Villains is ingenious.If I wasn’t trying to take care of bills at the moment I’d buy a slot.

  • @A.L. The Rejected Mega Man Villains are going at a good pace. Not too much that I become overwhelmed and not too few that it fell of the radar. No, it’s just right. It’ll be around for a little while nonetheless.

  • Good luck with the Custom RMMV! I’d definitely buy one if I had a bit more money! Sounds kick ass.

    Can’t believe you’re still not doing this website as a full time job!

  • According to Robert Khoo, the number of confirmed cases of hamthrax via PAX is up to 100. http://kotaku.com/5356664/washington-health-department-concerned-but-not-tracking-pax-flu

  • Nachtimlich von Kaiserheim

    Hamthrax could’ve been an Anthrax cover band replacing lyrics with bacon or something pork-related (a bit like Alcohollica) That’s actually the best part of this comic, it’s something plausible :D