Dear Final Fantasy XIII… [ COMIC ]

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I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy XIII yet and as such I am still reserving my final judgment of the game until the very end. Needless to say, that didn’t stop you guys from strong voicing your opinions one way or another in the previous comic. Good for you!

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t already formulated some opinions about the game by now. One of which is that this has to be one the whiniest bunch of emo wannabes EVER! They act as if they are the first people to ever suffer some kind of loss in history. That’s why I referenced Final Fantasy XII in the comic. They had a shitty lot as well, but you didn’t see them dwelling on it. Nope, they had an ruthless dictator to dethrone and not a lot of time to do it. Complain what you may about Final Fantasy XII, they didn’t waste too much of time talking about their feelings. Feelings are for wimps!

Need a refresher for the reference in this comic? Click here.

That’s it. I’ll be back Monday. Odds are I’m done with the Final Fantasy XIII comics.. For a while at least… Probably…


  • Don’t you.. Forget about me…
    Love it. Thank you for pleasing my neural processor.

  • David

    I’ve heard too many mixed reviews to want it. I try to keep neutral, but now I think I’m too confused to enjoy it.

    Damn you internet opinions!

  • MarkysJazz

    play it! iz good game!

  • Liquid

    Hahahaha yes!

  • Ryu

    “I seriously don’t get what people are bitching about, they are put in a situation in which they have been shown that none of the past recipients has had a good outcome. It’s not like most video game characters are given a heavily proven no win situation. Yes, most video game characters are pitted against heavy odds (depending on genre), but most of them have the glimmer of hope that they succeed and live happily ever after.”

    “The characters in 13 have two choices, fuck over everyone and turn into crystal and maybe get to come back, or destroy the world and turn into horrible monsters that live a half-life until some group of unwitting pawns comes to destroy them. That’s if they don’t get killed in the process of fighting off hordes of soldiers and beasts from another world. Sure, you can believe that isn’t likely true as a player, but they haven’t got the luxury of sitting on the couch playing video game characters.”

    “I would be far more upset if they were not appropriately discouraged by their fates, the way real people would be. In fact, Snow isn’t, or tries not to be, which is fine, there are always exceptions, the only one who really has little excuse for his behavior is Hope at the beginning of the story. Now, of course, I don’t know if you were necessarily being sarcastic, or simply mimicking (or mocking) the whining (by the way, I’ve heard worse bitching about this video game from its players than bitching from most of the cast of the game) cry of the masses; or if you were actually being sincere. However, this is aimed at anyone who sincerely bitches about how ’emo’ (I hate that word, like feeling something makes a person less of a person) the characters are, those people need to stop playing the game, and get over themselves.”

  • Serneum

    Hope was such a whiny little character for the longest time…I hated him so much until he finally manned up

  • Sensei

    Emo does not equal emotional. It is a word for people who are far, far too emotional and generally ill-equipped for adolescence. :P

  • EL Brandino

    I will say Hope was whiny and I couldn’t stand him. I won’t say he needed to “man up” but I will say he was being irrational and being irrational bothers the hell out of me. I would say that they were appropriately upset in their circumstances. Forgive me if I am being to liberal in my interpretation, but I view the cast as the very small few thinkers in their entire society. And they weren’t even that great as thinkers, but compared to the rest of the completely knowledge deprived population of cocoon, they knew a great deal more about the truths of their existence and circumstances. That even isn’t saying much because even at the end of the game they are still in the dark about a majority of the details. Their is never any ultimate reveal of truth and that enduring, not knowing, the unknown, the fear, threatened to crush whatever sliver of “hope” they would need to save themselves and humanity as they knew it. I think they behaved quite admirably and even felt inspired by the end of the story. Particularly moved by the subtle parallels that could be made about their world to our modern society.

  • Inglorien

    LOL. I think this is one of the funniest comics I have ever seen.

  • Hurix

    Hi, I actually appreciate your comics and like to take a look on this site quite often. There is only one thing I definately hate a lot about websites: music on auto-start. I can stand the fact that there is a flash strip with music. But in most cases I know it before. Even those are kind of everytime on “click to play”. Sorry to give some bad vibes but, please, shut the music down. Make a play button, but don’t autoplay, ever. Thanks

  • Gelugon_Baat

    For once, I would LOVE to see Square Enix make a protagonist that does not have severe emotional/psychological baggage.

  • joekujo

    BAD artist. Do not give me music I did not ask for. Goodbye.

  • Maxwell

    Man, am I glad I never played a single Final Fantasy game ever.

    I’ll stick with my testosterone fuelled, overly-manly, bursting biceps games like Contra

  • Taylor

    There does not seem to be a proper mapping. Both Vaan and Penelo are orphans, whereas Basch is both prisoner of war and Captain Basch.

  • Nekozilla

    @taylor i think the captain Basch part at the end is meant for Vaan as a reference for the sequence where he yells out his captain Basch of Damalsca. It makes sense if you see it as Penelo writing the letter

  • @Nekozilla See if I just keep my mouth shut you guys will come along and say what needs to be said for me. Good job, Nekozilla. You just earned +5 internet points.

  • Belias

    I wasnt sure where you were going with this reference until I listened to the song. I just have to say that this is genius, probably the most genius final fantasy webcomic!

  • @Belias I had it auto-playing at first, but I got some complaints.

  • Crest

    Maybe it’s just me, but the fact every character in FFXII felt like basically the same blond person with mild variations in costume but none in gameplay made me not really CARE if they felt put upon. Not to mention, Hope and his Mom dying certainly had a lot more frigging impact than Vaan and Basch, I mean it took Vaan like 5 minutes to get over the guy who he was pretty sure killed his brother, Hope plans ways to f*cking murder Snow and at least gives it a fair shot.

    Hope may be a whiny little kid, but at least he had the nads to try and kill the guy.
    And, y’know, a personality more developed than ‘I wanna be a Sky Pirate’

  • @Crest Vaan always had some reservations on whether or not Basch had done it. Snow on the other hand never heard of a thing called freewill. You really think it would have taken as long as it did for someone to tell him he was wrong?

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Hey, I kind of like emo characters. Shion was my favorite woobie-but I wonder why everyone else seems to hate Xenosaga?

  • bidoopoo

    “I had it auto-playing at first, but I got some complaints.” – Steve Napierski

    No complaints, but it threw me for a second because I didn’t remember loading that song off my ipod.

  • Titanium

    I’m pretty sure the leader in final fantasy is almost always an orphan.

  • Hurix

    Awesome Steve, thank you very much. Have an internet.

  • PeachyIndeed

    Yes, this. It irked me that the FF13 crew forgot about all the civilians they fried in the beginning of the game. I’ve never skipped cutscenes before, but I simply cannot sit through the ones in this game. Without the characters and story, what’s the point in playing?

    Now I need to replay 12 for the third or fifth time. Thanks for the great comic, good sir!

  • Riaayo

    I’ve not played 13 so I can’t completely judge everything in it, however this sort of touches a cord with me. People called Tidus in X an “emo” and in my opinion he really just acted like any normal person would to the situations he was in. As I’ve not played 13, again, I can’t totally judge, but I feel this may just be some blanket attitude being placed on game characters who show any shred of realistic emotion. What bugs me is, just about all of the people who complain about this stuff, if they were put in that character’s shoes, would act just the same or possibly worse. This is exactly like judging how people in real life react to things you’re not going through; it’s really not yours to judge.

    SquareEnix should honestly be known by now for this sort of thing so I don’t get why people come to the franchise and proceed to complain about it when it sure seems expected to me. Not everybody is an emotionless robot killing-machine who will badass their way through the game without being impacted by the things going on around them.

    Not everyone can be Kamina; and even that guy had some emotions too.

  • Savanti Romero

    A Final Fantasy XIII and Breakfast Club refrence in one web comic, Bravo Mr. Napierski I salute you.

  • Ryu

    @Riaayo “That is exactly why I hate the word emo, because it isn’t used to refer to ‘people who are far, far too emotional and generally ill-equipped for adolescence’, which is just a broad, idiotic descriptor anyway. In fact, most preteens can be considered ‘ill-equipped for adolescence’, I don’t know a single person who knew that their hormones, lives, mental states, social statuses, and education were going to flip upside down after they left elementary school.”

    “In fact, I honestly believe it’s the people who just follow the crowd and try to pretend it isn’t getting to them (or are ‘too cool’ to be emotional, or even just don’t seem to have anything to be emotional about), that are stunted. I stand firm by the idea that crazy is the reasonable response to the high levels of stupid and destructive our society throws at us every single day.”

  • Hermocrates

    Having only played Final Fantasys XIII and I (odd pluralization intentional), I can’t really comment on how it compares to other games in the series. But having watched much anime and played a few other JRPGs, it doesn’t really stick out for me as overly emo. Hope was the only cringe-worthy character for me, and then compare that to Star Ocean: The Last Hope… Ugh! Admittedly FF XIII benefited from its high production values, particularly for this situation with respect to the localization department. They got some damn fine voice actors, if you ask me.

    But seriously, most things I’ve seen coming out of Japan are rife with egotistical emo scenes. The latest Final Fantasy is only another piece of straw on a camel’s already broken back.

    I think it might also just be a part of a trend in Japanese media, if Sera’s outfit is any indication (moe overload!).

  • Drake

    @Riaayo: Honestly, calling Tidus “emo” is pretty dumb anyway. He was among the least emo people to be protagonist in a Final Fantasy. Annoying? Yes, very much so, to the point I repeteadly found myself thinking “Tidus, just shut up”. Emo? No.

    After all, “Welp, so it seems I’m gonna dissappear forever if I save the world. Ah well, guess that sucks, especially now that I finally got a girlfriend. Now let’s go, we have an abomination against God to kill, the world isn’t going to save itself” is markedly un-emo as far as character reactions go.

  • David

    I hate to nitpick, but seeing as you’re taking feedback on the music thing anyway do you think next time you could put the play button above the strip? I’m sort of used to ignoring everything other than the part I’m reading when it comes to comics, so I didn’t realise there was music until after I read the strip. No biggy, still very funny.

  • Xshu

    @Gelugon_Baat: Crono, Serge, Zidane, Bartz, and Sora are all fairly healthy, stable people. Zidane ends up with some problems later on, but he starts out normal. I’m less fluent in the Enix half of SE, but Fayte was a pretty health kid. Lenneth was also pretty down to earth…figuratively speaking. Mostly.

  • Lokhai

    Sirs… Brilliant… just brilliant.

  • @David Good idea. I moved the audio piece above the image.

  • Will

    Steve, great comic as always.

    I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy 13 a lot. I played most of the older FF’s, except for 8,9, and 12. The characters are pretty realistic, in such that real people would complain and moan incessantly about their crappy luck when put in that sort of situation. Lightning is a refreshing change of pace as a protagonist. Other recent FF protagonists (Tidus specifically) are touchy-feely Nsync-reject pretty boys. She acts like a real soldier would (and I’m a US Army veteran). She also punches Snow in the face and calls him a moron, so she gets bonus points for that.

    I appreciate the darker tone of FF13. Just look at the Sazh-Vanille relationship. FF10 was like, “Sin is about to destroy the world, but that isn’t going to rain on my parade because I have my friends!” FF13 isn’t the best game ever, but it’s a really solid game.

  • Ryu

    “I liked Snow, I thought early Lightning was a bitch, however, she was the first to stop and just say, ‘FUCK IT! I’m going to get over myself.’ I mean, Sazh and Snow were relatively (RELATIVELY) mature, and never really changed their personalities, so they don’t count there.”

  • Prodigy1986

    Yet the cast of FF12 had the personalities of wet cardboard for the most part. Also the immense amount of stupidity involved in some of their reactions made the game, which by the end felt like a slap in the face anyways (seriously, who puts a superboss in a game that takes THAT LONG on a combat system that’s almost automatic? Someone hated the fans) was just annoying. I see the story telling and general personalities as a vast improvement over the last game. It’s no FF6 (hell I even credit 7 for a solid cast with a varied set of personalities, even if Cloud is a complete tool) or FF9, but it’s still a good group and a fun enough rpg. Those have been lacking since late PS2 era.

  • yanipheonu

    Hope actually gets better (aka grows balls).

  • evantrees

    Love the song, but have to say more often than not the first thing that comes to mind is the end of the futurama episode where Fry finds out about what happened to his seven leaf clover.

    enjoyed FFXIII and it was very pretty. I find I’m not horribly critical of things however.. Yes hope did get a bit annoying snow too in his own way.not enough chocobo song!
    also enjoyed it enough to go back and start a ncu challenge up to chapter 11 so far at close to the limit of how far you can get without upgrading items.
    rather random but I think at the moment favorite ff ending would go to 9, and the one I have played the most is definitely fft

  • Mort

    lol now that maid me LOL’d

  • Perdition85

    I think FFXII and XIII are the worst games of the FF saga out there. The characters in XII are no better than in XIII, especially Vaan irritates the hell out of me by simply being a fucking retard. I think both games are full of shit and shouldn’t be counted as a Final Fantasies at all, more like Final Nightmares.

  • Yense

    I don’t think the problem with the charcaters emotional or over emotional (EMO) – the problem is that they’re not convincing in the way those emotions… It feels predictable, like watching a poor soap oprah ;P

  • Yense

    I don’t think the problem is with the charcaters being emotional or over emotional (EMO) – the problem is that their emotions, and especially they way they express them, is not convincing… It feels predictable, like watching a poor soap oprah ;P


  • Azu

    Hmmm, well in terms of Final Fantasy characters, I have always liked Bartz and Zidane the most, dunno maybe their somewhat sunny disposition helped. However Squall is also up there, but then he also isnt exactly emo, a bit of loner with an attitude problem perhaps, but I think of all the characters (havent played XIII) he has some of the strongest character growth.