Strafe Fatboy Strafe [ COMIC ]

So the World Health Organization says that 25% of boys and 30% of girls spent three or more hours a day watching TV, playing computer games, or chatting with friends. [source] Now the article did not specifically say that video games were making kids fat, but they did list is as a major contributor towards this sedentary lifestyle.

Personally, I wouldn’t considered video games or anything listed above as a contributor. These kids made their own decision to sit on their ass and not go out. What they spent doing during this time is irrelevant. For example: If the majority of husbands who cheat on their wives do so with younger woman does that make younger woman a contributing factor?

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  • Infinity

    I say homework’s the problem. If kids didn’t have so much homework they’d go out when it’s light out and play outside.

  • David Herbert

    Yep, it’s everyone else’s fault except the parents with fat and violent kids who can’t be arsed to do anything about it.

  • Lax

    Yeah, homework sucks the life out of us all. And it’s those same parents that are blaming video games for their fat and lazy kids. Seriously, just because it was different 30-40 years ago, doesn’t mean it has to be the same for this generation.

  • bidoopoo

    “If the majority of husbands who cheat on their wives do so with younger woman does that make younger woman a contributing factor?” – Steve

    That was sarcasm, right? I can never tell online…

  • Lax

    Makes sense

  • LOL, Devil World

  • HINT: When making a counter-argument, dont use an argument that people ACTUALLY TRY TO TAKE SIDES ON.

    Every TYPICAL (not all) woman is shouting, “YES! YOUNGER WOMEN ARE TO BLAME!!”

  • Ejigantor

    I concur. You don’t get any fatter sitting on the couch playing video games than you do sitting on the couch reading books.

  • Mosh

    Kids spending 3 hours a day playing Video Games is no different than them spending 3 hours a day watching TV, playing with those metal knex type things from The Sandlot, watching movies, or even READING!

  • Everyone’s a hater. BTW I want you to know that I keep making Wario pick his nose in the banner ad. You deserve that.

  • Darkscourge

    ha, only 3 hours?

  • Ooooh, video games causing all of life’s problems is a subject I’ve been yelling about for a while. Preferably yelling on a street corner with wild hair.

    OBVIOUSLY, it’s the Xbox/PS3/computer/handheld games fault. NOT the fact that after the kids play that for three hours, they sit down for takeout fast food or quick processed/fried dinners…

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Of course video games are making our children fat-but that’s the price of progress! If you want everyone to be fit, outlaw all forms of vehicular travel.

  • David

    I’ve got to say that I agree with the WHO. Video games offer a big incentive to sit on your butt all day and in turn are a big factor in childhood obesity. Saying its the parents fault is fine but that’s precisely why this study exists. It exists to show parents that there can be serious health side effects to letting your kids play video games, watch TV and generally lay around like slugs for most of the day. It exists to show that there is a legitimate need to get your kids off the couch BEFORE they get fat.
    That may seem obvious but the reaction to most ‘video games can potentially be slightly bad’ articles from the gamer community is to plug their ears and blame everything other than video games. So maybe its not that obvious that five hours of Call of Duty a night is too much. If we can’t admit there’s any potential for playing video games to go wrong then how can we expect parents to automatically know the difference between playing Mario Kart a lot and playing World of Warcraft to the point of obsession?

  • @Infinity
    Really, homework? Maybe its the changing of the times, but when i was going to school. As far as Elementary and Middle School was concerned, I could finish my homework in like 15-30 minutes. And thats assuming i actually didnt already start at my homework at school.

    Agree whole-heartidly with whats said. If kids these days were all reading, people would be blaming books. Actually, I think people are already blaming Manga for Violence. Not as much as video games ofcourse though.

  • Jay Eric

    Personally I play games hours on end and keep a fairly good figure and have been doing so since I was a kid. Instead I use games as a outlet for frustration or anger, be it easier and safer to blow up someone in a virtual world then it woud in the real world.
    To contribute anything to the problem of a child, be it obesity or violent behaviors, imo, is the voice in a parents head trying to strike at anything in order to prevent the blame to be pointed to themselves.
    Granted that 3-4 hours of gameplay without any healthy choices of food or activity can ulitmately lead to problems but it lands on a parent figure to teach the responsibility required to lead a healthy productive life.