Easily Unlocked [ COMIC ]

Easy my ass! What the hell is a friggin’ “Y” button?

Honestly, this is one of those things where the list of possible achievements could go on forever (I bet you guys could come up with tons of them yourselves). Which is probably why there’s an online Achievement Unlocked Generator.

And just to let you know, X-Play’s review of Facebreaker was the inspiration for this strip. Not even sure if those achievements would be reason enough for me to get it.

The Gato Hero shirt pre-order is still going strong. And remember pre-ordering the shirt and getting the discount by doing so is only going to last until Monday. All of that is cool and all. But I had one more idea that I wanted to put into the store as well. Introducing the Voting Obama shirt.

It’s a parody of the Cooking Mama games and I really like the way that it turned out. Same thing goes with this one as the Gato Hero shirt: pre-order it and save $2 USD off the regular price. This pre-order lasts until October 6th.