Why I Don’t Play Video Games As Much Anymore [ COMIC ]

The MMORPGOMGWTFBBQ had me rolling. That is just awesome! It honestly needs to be a trend on Twitter.

DudeImMyself My bff and her bf broke up and I felt bad for them. But he’s already flirting w chicks and she’s now w her ex. #MMORPGOMGWTFBBQ

Nonetheless, today’s brilliant guest strip was done by none other than Ross “Rosscott” Nover of The System. I would write something really cool about him, but I feel I already accomplished that with his guest strip contribution last year. So just read that post and imagine it’s brand new.

Oh… And buy this shirt that Ross created with Bryan Prindiville, as well. Why? Because it’s awesome and beards are awesome as well.

Beards Turn Laziness into Awesomeness

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post. It has been updated accordingly… twice!


  • Anon

    http://www.humblebundle.com/ – That’s all I have to say on the subject :)

  • Flammable Hippie

    Those were the days…

  • Randomgamerdude

    That’s the reason I stick with MMOG and not MMORPG. RPGs get to complex and you have to actually act like your in there. MMOGs are talk about whatever you want, while simultaneously blowing up something new every day.

  • tipa

    I think the first panel is kind of inaccurate.

    Where are my CRTs at?

  • lulz

    i never played a video game i only play pc games ;P

  • Anonymous

    This is mostly only true for PC games, you know.

    • Dude

      Well not really. It’s actually only true for MMORPGs.

      Although many console game nowadays are as complex and interesting as a 2000s MMORPG, only without the multiplayer part.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot DRM. Otherwise; smashing good job.

  • Lax

    PC anyway. That’s why we have consoles that don’t require much updating

  • Falos

    I suppose omgwtfbbq wasn’t used much in the last ten years. It was sarcastic from the start, so only competents used it, not the loltxt masses.

  • This is true.

  • Sirseagull

    Hey! There’s a TF2 reference in that! Me and a friend have 1v1 LAN games and we sometimes do what we call a OMGWTFBBQ-off. Good times, good times.

  • awesome66

    Wow…… for the first panels I instantly thought Contra. The other two I thought of WoW. (Which I don’t even play cuz of all the patches and updates. Waste of my time. I don’t wanna spend an hour starting a game up and only play 45 minutes before I get bored.) MMORPGs bore me. They are all the same. Now if I could play Zelda online multiplayer, now you’re talking. By the way, I speak of The Four Swords. Fuckn had to beat that game alone due to the lack of “extra features” even though there is already clearly enough room for four people…… You know… controller slots -_-